River – Godoy Cruz, live

River pushes, without many ideas and an undisguisable share of nervousness. River is pure impotence. González Pírez comes out to cut off an advance and hits a hard iron. Lamolina cautions him, but the VAR could have intervened to warn him that it was an expulsion action. River is still absent and Godoy Cruz, dynamic and very active, does not forgive him. Tomba is not satisfied with 1-0. He sees a stunned opponent and lands another hit. He recovers in the local field and achieves an overflow on the right with numerical superiority; Ábrego enters through the middle to make it 2-0. river is a shadow.The Mendoza team he’s better, more involved in the game, against a too passive River. After a good maneuver in the middle area, assistance comes out to Martin Ojeda, that breaks the local off-side line and goes alone to the definition, with a touch next to a post, before Armani’s exit. The assistant judge takes a forward position, but the VAR rectifies -González Pírez enabled- and Lamolina validates the 1-0. Bucket of cold water in the Monumental. Ojeda, figure of Tomba last season, has 27 goals in 74 games with Tomba. Breitenbruch made a diagonal from the right side and narrowly missed a Bullaude cross in front of the goal. It was the first clear scoring move of the match. The ball crossed the entire arch, without Armani intervening. It is difficult for him to reach River. A shot without consequences by Beltrán. a corner Little more. Godoy Cruz plays with the lines together and takes away spaces. Neither of them manages to get the ball clean. The game gets stuck in the middle, there are no arrivals. The strong wind that crosses the field does not help to find precision either. The Tomba exerts forward pressure, stands far from his large area. He manages to hinder River’s movements, but he lacks precision with the ball. River stops with Enzo Pérez – cheered from the four stands before the match began – in front of the line of four; then a line of three flyers: on the right, Paradela; in the center, Aliendro, and on the left, De la Cruz; Beltrán and Romero make up the double point.Gallardo received the usual ovation from the fans Mauro Alfieri – LA NACIÓN River begins a new era without two of its best individuals: the scorer Julián Álvarez and the engine Enzo Fernández, both transferred to Europe. For the departure of the steering wheel to Benfica, Nuñez’s club You can incorporate a reinforcement until August 8. One possibility is that efforts are initiated by Nahuel Bustos, former Talleres de Córdoba, which Marcelo Gallardo already claimed in another pass market. Bustos belongs to the City Group and in the last season promoted with Girona to the Spanish League. Instead of Álvarez, tonight he will have his first minutes as a starter Lucas Beltran, who entered in the second half of the series against Vélez for the Copa Libertadores. The striker returned from Colón. Suspended Maidana for the expulsion a week ago against Huracán, his place will be occupied by Leandro González Pírez and Héctor Martínez will continue on the bench. In the lineup appears Rodrigo Allendro, called to cover the gap of Enzo Fernández. Yes ok got seven of the last nine points, Godoy Cruz is penultimate in the table of the Averages, in relegation position. The following is the formation of the Favio Orsi-Sergio Gómez technical duo. It was one of the novels of the transfer market, but it was finally resolved favorably for River. The Colombian Miguel Borgia will arrive in the next few hours to join the millionaire squad. Coming from Junior de Barranquilla, the operation will be carried out in around 7 million dollars, of which 50 percent corresponds to Palmeiras, owner of half of the pass. The economic difficulties of Argentina to transfer dollars and the increase in the price of the American currency had left the transfer in the air, as the president recognized a few days ago Jorge Brito. “It has been an important job together with my representative,” said Borja, 29, who he scored three goals against River (one with the Olympus shirt and two with Junior’s) We invite you to watch the live match between River and Godoy Cruz, in the Monumental, for the seventh date of the Professional League. We will be reflecting the alternatives of the game, with complementary data and information, plus the most outstanding videos and photos.

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