River – Defense and Justice, live

Francisco Marco and Solari disputed a ball in River’s offense and there was some clash between the two. Later, several players from both teams approached the play where there were some pushes. The two players involved in the play received the yellow by art of Echeverría.Otra time Defense won on the stopped ball. Alanís entered only through the middle, but he headed outside and missed the discount in incredible fashion. Gallardo’s team suffers before each air attack from the Halcón that reached more than its rival. The River goalkeeper took a terrible header from Kevin Gutiérrez into the corner that He had an angle and goal destiny. For what was done before the second goal of the Millionaire, the Halcón does not deserve to be losing by two goals difference. It all started with a great first touch from Casco to De la Cruz. The Uruguayan faced the left sector of the area, put a pass back and Lucas Beltrán finished off the goal to score the goal. Unsain’s weak response made el Millonario go 2-0. Gabriel Alanís ran down the right and sent a precise cross into the six-yard box. Over there Herrera appeared to drown out Togni’s shout of goal. Defense and Justice was able to recover the ball and now he is the one who attacks the most in the game. River scored a stopped ball from Halcón in the area and Nazareno Colombo missed in the header. The defender of Beccacece’s team had the goal at his mercy to equalize, but he couldn’t connect. A change of front by Solari ended in a great attack by River. Beltrán received, played with Quintero who immediately saw De la Cruz. The Uruguayan shot from outside the area and passed close. El Millonario is far superior to his rival at the start of the game. Gallardo’s men were not satisfied with the goal and stepped on the Defense area again. First Aliendro and then Beltrán. Both shots went wide, but River was close to the second in a matter of a minute. De la Cruz’s pressure had an effect in midfield, he took it from Gutiérrez, the ball reached the feet of Pablo Solari who faced Unsain, defined crossed and the Millionaire already wins 1 to 0 from the start.The Falcon had its first approach. Togni came from the left, put the center into the area for Alanís who could not connect the shot well and Armani was able to keep the ball that was poking in the area. Referee Pablo Echavarría gave the order, moved the Halcón and the first part of the match between River and Defense and Justice seeking the quarterfinals at the Centenario de Resistencia stadium, Chaco. In a packed Centenario stadium, especially by River fans, the teams are already on the field of play to play the duel for the round of 16 of the Copa Argentina. In the last duel between both teams, a particular situation occurred: a clash between Marcelo Gallardo and Sebastián Beccacece. The Defense coach tried to block a throw-in for the Millionaire. Faced with this atypical situation, the referee Tello expelled the DT del Halcón. From there, the exchange between the two coaches began, which later continued in the locker room. Witnesses to the event affirm that they had to be separated between shoves and insults. For tonight’s game we will have to wait how will the meeting between the two in the previous and during the match. The protagonists of the two teams jumped onto the field of play to carry out the pre-competitive exercises. Chaco’s Centenario stadium is full of millionaire fans who applaud each of the players. Both Gallardo and Beccacece announced the players who will be among the starters in the round of 16 match of the Argentine Cup. The Millionaire arranged the following 11: Franco Armani; Marcelo Herrera, Emanuel Mammana, Paulo Díaz and Milton Casco; Enzo Perez; Juan Fernando Quintero, Rodrigo Aliendro and Nicolás De La Cruz; Pablo Solari and Lucas Beltrán. El Halcón, meanwhile, will come out with these headlines: Ezekiel Unsain; Nicolás Tripicchio, Adonis Frías, Nazareno Colombo, Alexis Soto; Francisco Marco, Kevin Gutierrez, Manuel Duarte; Gabriel Alanís, Andrés Ríos and Gastón Togni. The match will be broadcast by TyC Sports, but it can also be seen online through cable operator and satellite TV platforms, such as Flow or DirecTVGo. In all cases it is required to be a client. Plus, live coverage on THE NATION will include the narration and the images of the main actions of the match, minute by minute. We begin the coverage of one of the duels corresponding to the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup. El Millonario plays against Halcón, in a packed Centenario stadium in Chaco. Both teams will look for the victory that allows them get into the top eight of the competition and the winner will play against Patronato in the quarterfinals. The match will be refereed by Pablo Echavarría.

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