Rival of Yamaha Niken? Aprilia prepares 3-wheel motorcycle

The Italian brand Aprilia would be working on a three-wheel motorcycle, based on a sporty frame to compete with the Yamaha Niken , one of the pioneers in the segment and which drew a lot of attention here, when it was presented at the 2019 Two-Wheel Show.

In fact, in 2020 we published a report highlighting some maneuvers performed by Sarah Lezito aboard this futuristic motorcycle . The first information is that Aprilia prepares this new machine on a 660 platform that equips the RS, Tuono and Tuareg bikes, both already consolidated by the manufacturer.

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Aprilia bets on sportiness in the new creation

According to the new patents, the motorcycle should explore a sporty frame, therefore, nothing in common with the famous Piaggio Mp3 scooter. As for the suspensions, Aprilia would have thought of two different solutions, both still to be confirmed.

One possibility would be to create a bike very similar to one seen in the 1990s, on the Gilera CX 125, with one wheel stem and two short arms. The other, in turn, would use a single arm to join the fixed to the sliding components.

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The engine, on the other hand, as expected, should be the 660 cm³ twin-cylinder with 95 hp of power, but the adoption of the V4 that we find in the RSV4 and Tuono cannot be ruled out from this move by the Italians.

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Could this production become a trend in the near future? Or is it another futuristic attempt by brands to fight for all the niches that the market offers? Leave your comment here for us!

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