Ride better and safer with Honda's RedRider program

Honda is committed to offering its customers the best experience with their motorcycles, that's why we created the RedRider program.

The Honda RedRider program was developed so that riders can enjoy their motorcycle much more safely, helping them to develop their riding skills.

The techniques are passed in the classroom and then exercised on the track, (Photo: Disclosure)

But RedRider goes further: the Honda program also organizes trips to unusual destinations, all guided by trained pilots and with excellent logistical support.

Honda Red Rider
The RedRider program organizes unique motorcycle experiences. (Photo: Publicity)

A good example of the work on improving riding techniques through the RedRider program was the CBR Track event. In it, customers who purchased the CBR 1000RR-R Fireblade SP made an immersion to get to know all the possibilities of their motorcycles and improve their riding skills in a VIP and exclusive course.

The event was given by the driver and Honda ambassador, Leandro Mello, at the Capuava racetrack, in the interior of São Paulo.

The theory is applied on the track with the accompaniment of qualified instructors. (Photo: Publicity)

The “teacher” Leandro Mello shared his technical knowledge with the theoretical content in the classroom, but it was on the track that the motorcyclists were able to put into practice the riding techniques taught in a safe way, always under the supervision of a qualified instructor to ensure the best use. course and thus extract more and better the potential of your motorcycle.

Honda believes in and promotes the education and training of motorcyclists so that all its customers can use motorcycles in a safer and more fun way.

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All RedRider staff and Honda customers, after an intense day of training at Capuava racetrack. (Photo: Publicity)

Visit the website www.honda.com.br/motos/redrider and learn about the RedRider program.

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