Review: Andor brings Baby Yoda’s Star Wars universe without cuteness

In the first few minutes of Andor, a new series from the Star Wars Universe for Disney+, the public sees a cold-blooded execution. A blaster shot to the head of a surrendered victim. The sequel marks the change intended by the new production, which aims to be more obscure and adult than the others already released. or Baby Yoda, for those close to you). Andor, however, goes the other way: the lightness, hope and a certain “lightness” of the Mandalorian western is left aside. A galaxy without hope, frightened and in defense against an increasingly authoritarian Empire enters the scene. And to justify the new look proposed by showrunner Tony Gilroy, the first two episodes move slowly. Dive into showing how Cassian Andor (yes, the same as Rogue One) has been nurturing his hatred for the Empire. Misery, exploration, subjugation… it all shaped the character. Rogue OneIn Andor, the protagonist is seen five years before the events of Rogue One. And Diego Luna delivers a performance that shows all the confusion that goes on in Cassian’s head and his disbelief in the Empire and the rebel alliance. If the first two chapters go at a more contemplative pace, the pair of subsequent episodes has the most familiar air of a Star Wars adventure – Metrópoles had access to the first four of the 12 that will be released in this first season. nose for a narrative not very optimistic in the style of the franchise, Andor becomes an interesting series precisely because it addresses all the brutality and darkness that the Empire caused throughout the galaxy. There is also corruption, jealousy, sex, all elements that help Andor to sell the image that it is more adult than other productions. It is in this vein that the series arrives and tries to consolidate itself as an inverse of The Mandalorian, but an opposite that seeks the same success.Rating: GreatDo you want to stay on top of the world of celebrities and receive the news directly on your Telegram? Enter the Metrópoles channel and follow the editorial on Instagram.

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