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Residents of Itapuã suffer from frequent lack of water in the neighborhood

The lack of water at home is always a nuisance, but the situation worsens when the resource scarcity is frequent. Residents of the Nova Brasília neighborhood of Itapuã say they face problems almost weekly when the water coming from the street does not reach the locality. For those who have smaller reservoirs and live with their family, the scenario is desperate, especially on Rua Sete de Setembro. Even with Embasa’s accounts up to date, Renata Sá, 42, was without water at home this Wednesday (30). With a child of only five months, she says that the lack of resources is common in the neighborhood and that her daily life with the baby is compromised. “Today I took my son to be vaccinated and when we got home he was all dirty. I wanted to give him a bath and I couldn’t,” she says. As her mother lives alone in a house below hers and has her own tank, Renata is lucky to be able to get some water, but for that she has to climb a very steep ladder. “I have a neighbor who whenever the water runs out, she goes to the window and screams to warn the staff. […] In a month there is no water here at least two or three times, it is always lacking here in Itapuã”, he says. Renata Sá wanted to bathe her five-month-old son, but there was no water at home this Wednesday (30) (Photo: Maysa Polcri/CORREIO) Maria (not her real name), 42, faced an even bigger problem on Tuesday afternoon (29). The teacher has lived on Rua Sete de Setembro with her husband and three children for 18 years and reports that the lack of water has always been a reality in the neighborhood, but that it has intensified in the last two years. “It is disrespectful because we are never warned. We know that there is a lack of water, but at the frequency that it is, two or even three times a week, it is an abuse”, says the resident. On the day she spoke to the reporter, Maria said that her youngest daughter, only 3 years old, still doesn’t use the toilet and does her needs inside the box. With no water in the house since the morning, the mother waited for the water to come back to clean the bathroom. “She is in the process of taking off her diaper and has gotten used to doing it. [as necessidades] in the box, then, as we have no water, the bathroom is terrible”, he says. On the same day, Maria’s eldest son, 16-year-old student Pedro (not his real name), was getting ready to leave the house and was unable to shower. “It gets in the way of our day-to-day dynamics and schedules. Even today I’m getting ready to go out and it’s really complicated because of the circumstances,” he says. The young man also says that taking care of his younger sister becomes more difficult when there is no water. The discrepancies in residents’ reports about the frequency of shortages can be explained by the different sizes of the housing’s reservoirs. A gentleman who preferred not to be identified, for example, said that he does not usually suffer from the problem since he has four 1,000-liter tanks at home. But this is not the reality for most residents. The housewife Maraísa dos Santos, 38, tried to clean on Tuesday afternoon, while telling the report that she has been without water for four days. Despite living with only one daughter and a newborn granddaughter, the tank that serves her house is also shared by her grandmother and aunt. “There is no water to wash the house, clothes or cook food. The neighbors cannot even help because they are also without water,” she says. The housewife Maraísa faced difficulties in cleaning after four days without water (Photo: Maysa Polcri/CORREIO) For residents who are for some reason without a tank and depend only on the water that comes from the street, the scenario is also complicated. Retired Iraci Pereira, 79, lives alone and is installing a new reservoir in the house, meanwhile, she suffers from the absence of the resource. “Yesterday my daughter and I, who is spending some time here at home, had to shower with a bucket. It’s a horror,” she says. The report tried to contact Embasa to find out the reasons for the lack of water in Nova Brasília de Itapuã. The company said only that it needed more time to verify the situation and did not respond until the publication of this report. Iraci, 79, needed to shower with the help of a bucket due to the lack of water at home. (Photo: Maysa Polcri/CORREIO) Traders suffer from lack of water
In front of a church in the Nova Brasília neighborhood of Itapuã, Maria Helena Oliveira, 52, works selling snacks to those who attend services or pass through the region. In the canteen known as Delícias da Dona Helena, the shopkeeper says that she ends up being harmed by the lack of water because she takes a long time to wash the dishes with water from the bucket. “There is no water here almost every day. Sometimes it ends at 10 am and only arrives at night. I carry water with a bucket that I fill with the tap nearby, but washing dishes with a mug is horrible,” she says. A resident of Areia Branca, Maria has lived in Itapuã years ago and says that the lack of water is common, especially in the summer. Maria Helena’s work is hampered when there is a shortage of water in the neighborhood (Photo: Maysa Polcri/CORREIO) Very close to the church is the Bavi bar. The owner, Rogério de Jesus, also complains about the chaotic situation facing the neighborhood. The merchant who has owned the establishment for about 20 years says he has two reservoir tanks, but that he recently decommissioned one of them, which added to the problems. According to Rogério, when water is scarce, the bar’s activity drops and he finds it difficult to serve the clientele. “There are already two days without water in the neighborhood, it is difficult to work because I have no way of serving the public. The water arrives weak and does not rise to the houses,” he says. The merchant, who lives above the establishment, says that he pays about R$200 a month and that he is never late with his bills. *With guidance from sub-editor Fernanda Varela.

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