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Rauw Alejandro gets tattooed by Rosalía: "Set a date for the wedding now, please."

Their love has crossed borders and has turned the music scene upside down, revolutionizing locals and strangers. Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro chose the red carpet of the LOS40 Music Awards to make their first pose together and thus make their relationship official. Hand in hand and dedicating numerous tokens of affection We were able to see the singers on the red carpet rolled out last Friday in Palma de Mallorca. The couple has left an unequivocal record that they are not only living an excellent professional moment, but also personally. Silenced the rumors about their courtship, it is the turn of the signs of love. The Puerto Rican singer has tattooed the name of his girlfriend on his abdomen. In the photos of one of his last concerts you can see the new tattoo perfectly. The snapshots where you can clearly see them have been shared on her Instagram profile by the photographer Arianna Andrade, however, the singer has several on her profile where it is also sensed. For her part, Rosalía has an R tattoo on her foot, but she has never clarified if she corresponds to Rauw. “Let them set a date for the wedding now, please,” comment the fans of both artists when they see the Puerto Rican’s new tattoo. Rosalia recently it was also news for professional reasonsthanks to the presentation of his single ‘La Fama’, in which he has the collaboration of the American band The Weeknd.

Rosalia’s sandwich

The chef from Madrid with three Michelin stars David Munoz has created the MotoUmami sandwich, inspired by the latest album by Rosalia, a Japanese dish of grilled “chicken teriyaki” that she has cooked with the artist who, in turn, has taught the owner of Diverxo the dance steps of her song.

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