Rami Malek And Pete Davidson’s “Squid Game” Parody on SNL

We’ve all seen the debt-ridden contenders of Netflix’s blockbuster dystopian thriller “Squid Game” in their signature green sweatsuits.

The nine-episode show is set in S.korea and depicts hundreds of competitors who must play and manage to survive a range of kids games in a way to collect a reward of 45.6 billion earned, or risk death if they fail.

“Squid Game” premiered on Netflix on September 17 and rapidly rose to prominence of the streaming company’s Top 10 list, garnering over 117 million views and becoming one of the greatest series on the service to date.

‘Squid Game’ Parody

It’s now the focus of the latest “Saturday Night Live” spoof music video.

The song, which features Pete Davidson and guest presenter Rami Malek and is set to Branchez and Big Wet’s country-rap smash “Turn Up on the Weekend,” offers plenty of jokes for fans of the series.

“Weird cards, pink guards locked us in a big room,” sings Malek and Davidson replies, “They got symbols on their faces like the ones on PlayStations, and the mean guy looks like Dr. Doom.”

Watch the whole clip below:

The scary robot doll from the very first episode is also featured in the video clip. During a gruesome game of “Red Light, Green Light,” she nearly misses Davidson when he sneaks behind another competitor.

Davidson finally turns against the other competitors, including Malek, whom he pushes from a glass bridge in order to win but his triumph is momentary.

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“Gonna live my life better now, I’ve grown in so many ways,” Davidson guarantees as he settles on the bed of a truck in his small hometown. “Then I got bored and I took all my money and I bet it on the Jets.”

The cycle repeats itself, and he puts himself back in the game. Daniel Craig and Young Thug both made a cameo in the episode.

One drawing addressed the prejudice of the now-former Raiders trainer Jon Gruden, with Colin Jost portraying NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and James Austin Johnson portraying Gruden.

Another “Celeb School,” permitted the cast to demonstrate off their finest impressions of movie stars during a mock game show: Chloe Fineman depicted Jennifer Coolidge, Mikey Day depicted John Oliver, and Pete Davidson and Rami Malek depicted each other innately.

What are your thoughts on this parody? Don’t you feel we should be getting more of these? Let us know in the comments section below.

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