Queen of Flow Season 3! Renewing or Not? Spoilers Alert! 

Queen of Flow Season 3

One of the most successful shows , Queen of Flow is a Coulumbian musical drama show and it follows the story of Yeimi Montoya, who is an aspiring musician, who gets caught up in an unjust imprisonment. 

The journey of a naive, innocent girl who turns vengeful and bitter, with a burning desire to exact revenge on the people who killed her parents, and made her suffer so much forms the basic plot of the storyline.  The transformation the Yeimi goes through, both mentally and physically, is incredibly portrayed by the lead actress.  The supporting cast, too, deliver an impeccable performance, which has stunned the audience.

The background music of the show is a league of it’s own,  full of emotion and is extremely intense as well. The show has two seasons with 172 episodes in total. 

When is the next season of The Queen of Flow going to release? 

The season 2 of the show was released on the Columbian streaming platform Caracol Television on 26 April, 2021.

Although there is no official announcement about season 3 , the massive popularity of the show and hype it enjoys makes the fans of the show very eagerly waiting for the makers to bring in another installment of the show. 

However, the lead actress hinted on social media  that the storyline ends with the second season and there is no point in continuing with the third installment.  Many of the factors also depend on the public viewership of the show. 

Even if they do decide to bring another season, it isn’t expected till 2023 at least. 

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What happened in the last season? 

In the second season, Yeimi is finally a big star now.  In the end, she also chooses Charlie over Juancho, much to the surprise of everyone. 

What is expected in season 3? ( If it releases?) 

There are many interesting plots that can be explored in the new season, that is if the makers do go ahead with one.  Most of the main characters will make an appearance in the third season for sure, along with a few fresh faces too. 

Yeimy and Charlie’s relationship can be furthered, negativity surrounding Yeimy and how she battles them is also a good avenue. 

One thing is for sure, we can expect quality and energetic musical performances are the key to the show. 

Where can you watch Queen of Flow? 

Queen of Flow all episodes are streaming on the video platform Netflix. 


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