Psychology: support in the process of change with Vikika Team

undertake a lifestyle improvement process, which sometimes has a physical change as its main objective, can present some difficulty. There are several and diverse factors capable of making a person go through a relatively simple path and with great results in a short time or, on the contrary, have less pleasant feelings, such as frustration, uncertainty, insecurity, anguish, etc. Therefore, the The first step to face this purpose is to understand it as a individual, personal and own context; do not compare yourself, do not want to do what others do. It’s your time and it would be great if you could enjoy it! Today we want to talk to you about psychology as a support in the process of change, sometimes so necessary for many people. If you feel identified, keep reading. Taking the step towards a change of habits is not only an aesthetic issue as many may believe. It is a improvement of health and quality of life. Staying at the right weight is very important so that the body can function normally, beyond what we see in a mirror. Adequate nutrition, regular practice of physical exercise, quality rest… are fundamental pillars and an act of love for our body and mind. And it is that the state of mind is also favored by a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, the aesthetic issue is also very important to enjoy a good self-esteem. Accepting and loving yourself and embracing every little change helps you reconnect with your essence, to value what you are and to live from gratitude. Each body is unique and special, and contributing as much as possible to its health is a responsibility that we must abide by and enjoy.

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When is psychology necessary in a process of change?

One thing is theory and another practice. There are many people who will know what we are talking about. Deciding to change and improve in every way is the first step to achieve it, but not the only one. The conviction to go for it all and motivation are aspects that accompany you and make your path more exciting, however, you can’t always choose. Each person has particular circumstances that can put a brake on evolution: Difficulty being constant. Unresolved internal problems. Low self-esteem and inability to assess changes. Loss of interest in the goal. Inability to organize time for self-care. Difficulty managing emotions. Feelings of guilt or frustration. Anxiety about food, etc. If any of these happen to you or any other, you should know that you are not better or worse than those who find it super simple at first; you simply have other circumstances that will lead you to need support. But please don’t give up! Luckily, the figure of a psychologist is increasingly normalized in society and it is NORMAL to need help at certain stages of our lives. That is why at Vikika Team we have a team of psychologists made up of three passionate professionals who can help you solve the conflicts you are experiencing. Although their support in the process of change is ideal, not only can you count on them for that, because they also treat: Personal growth. Anxiety and depression. Couples therapy. Self-esteem. Sexuality, and a long etcetera. Do not hesitate to take the step if you think it is necessary, we can assure without any doubt that it is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. You can do it, have no doubt!

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