PSO2: New Genesis will have a maximum level increase on February 9

New Genesis

In a broadcast this Tuesday morning (1st), SEGA announced that Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: New Genesis) will receive two new sidequests, new high rank areas and the maximum character level raised to 40 to from the 9th of February.

As is to be expected, leveling up means new monsters and new sectors that will also offer new types of monsters. One of them is Megalotix that will only appear at rank 3 of Mt. Magnus. Also, all regions in the game will have a level 44 Gigantix and a rank 2 Urgent Quests – good luck trying to complete them. Whoever has the time and patience to grind will receive materials to upgrade equipment to “+50”.

For those who don't have time, which is my case, you will at least be able to take advantage of the new sidequest in Retem available for those who have already completed the second chapter of the story. In short it's a mini story where Nadereth invites you to a concert. If there's one thing that demonstrates the bizarre correlation between the serious and absurd side of PSO2: New Genesis, it's this quest.

For PC gamers, Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR support will also be rolled out in this update. Although I don't see PSO2: New Genesis as a "heavy" game, but the more tools that help weaker machines run the game, the better.

The full list of additions – including the Quest Pass Season 5 – is on the NGS Headline below. I recommend preparing a tea or coffee to watch.

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