PSG – Saint-Étienne, for the French league: Messi and Mbappé shine in the Parc des Princes

ST 43′: “Meeeessi, Meeeessi…”

Replaced Mbappé and Neymar, Leo remains as the referent of the attack. Dynamic and creative, the fans of the Parc des Princes applaud him: “Meeessi, Meeeessi…”. They foul him in front of the area and he takes care of the free kick that went wide. The goal would have rounded off his night.

Highlights of PSG’s win

ST 40′: Di María, close again

First it was a post and now the goalkeeper guessed the intention in the mouthpiece he threw at it. With a slap he avoided the 4-1.

ST 33′: Neymar had it

It is difficult for the Brazilian to recover his best level after the injury. He doesn’t always make the best decisions and often rushes. For his confidence it would have been important to find the goal with a shot that hit a post. Within minutes he was replaced by Draxler.

ST 20′: Mbappé reaches an Ibrahimovic mark

With the two goals against Saint-Étienne, Mbappé adds 156 goals by official competitions at PSG and matches Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s line, second among the French club’s top scorers. The record it’s from uruguayan Edinson Cavaniwith 200.

ST 15 ′: the stick is denied to Angelito

Saint-Étienne is no longer as resistant, its defense is loosening. Ángel Di María had the fourth with a shot that he hit a post.

ST 7 ′: PSG makes more difference with Danilo’s header

PSG changes the history of the game after starting at a disadvantage. Two goals in five minutess put it 3-1 up. Mbappé delegates the role of definer and takes a beautiful cross with the instep of his right foot, straight to the head of Danilo, who makes it 3-1.

ST 2′: Messi-Mbappé, again the goal society: 2-1

PSG returns to benefit from a formula that is a treasure if individuals play as a team. Messi rub the lamp again, now with reminiscences of the crack that removes markers from above. With a double hook to the outside and inside, he evades two rivals and places a subtle touch for Mbappé’s penetration, which he solves effectively. PSG enjoy their stars: 2-1.

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ST: Di Maria enters

Angel Di Maria enters through right back Thilo Kehrer. PSG goes on to defend with a line of three. Fideo is associated with Messi for that sector.Kylian Mbappé celebrates his second goal against Saint-Étienne.FRANCK FIFE – AFP

PT 45′: the usual PSG

The first half ends with a 1-1 draw. With the trident, PSG is the predictable team: fearsome due to their individualities, but also fragile due to their difficulty in pressing the rival’s counterattack exit. He walks the ledge between triumph and defeat. For now it is a draw.The trident Messi, Neymar and Mbappé deliberate on a free kick that the Argentine finally executedThe trident Messi, Neymar and Mbappé deliberate on a free kick that was finally executed by the Argentine FRANCK FIFE – AFP

PT 39′: Messi’s vision, Mbappé’s punch and PSG’s draw

Messi finally finds a space to maneuver. In the position of No. 8 he received the ball and displayed his vision of the game, especially in this version of him at PSG, where he is more a setter than a scorer. Mbappé marked the pass with an uncheck between the left central defender and the side of that sector. The French striker went to meet the ball and took a shot that the goalkeeper hit without deflecting: 1-1 and Mbappé’s 13th goal in Ligue 1.

PT 32′: Messi looks for a free kick

Free kick on the left. They stand in front of the ball Neymar and Messi. Messi executes it with a jump rope over the barrier on the nearest post, to which goalkeeper Bernardoni arrives with a volley.

PT 26′: Bernardoni gets bigger

The Saint-Étienne goalkeeper avoids the tie Neymar’s feet. PSG is not clear, but the attacks by insistence and with several players allow him to bring danger. In any case, Saint-Étienne did not give up the attack against a rival that tends to fracture between attack and defense.Neymar complains after a covered goalkeeper BernardoniNeymar complains after a save by goalkeeper BernardoniFRANCK FIFE – AFP

PT 20′: little of Messi

With starting point on the right sector, Leo doesn’t finish getting into the game. He participates little and does not find spaces in the rival field. He executed a free kick in the form of a center that fell gently into the hands of the goalkeeper

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PT 16′: Danilo falls asleep, goal by Saint-Étienne: 1-0

Incredible carelessness by PSG from a side at the height of the large area of ​​their field. Denis Bouanga steals the ball from him with a cross kick. Surprise in the Parc des Princes: PSG lose 1-0.Saint-Etienne players celebrate the goal with their fansSaint-Etienne players celebrate the goal with their fansFRANCK FIFE – AFP

PT 12′: back and forth

Donnarumma saves PSG with a save by diving to his left against a Youssouf finish at the mouth of the small area. on the counterattack, Mbappe drag a mark and finish off within the area; Bernardoni saves.

PT 9′: PSG, by air

Daniel, PSG’s powerful central midfielder, reaches the visiting area and heads a center from the left that goes high.

PT 8′: Mangalá, hard

The central defender of Saint-Étienne, ex-Manchester City, cuts off an advance by Wjnaldum with a strong infringement. He was admonished.

PT 6′: Neymar, close

Saint-Étienne was the first to reach the rival area, but PSG responded with a change of pace from Neymar, who after a combination with Mbappé shot over the crossbar.

Saint-Étienne, uphill and challenging

The club that won the most French leagues in history dismissed does a have the coach Claude Puell, with the team in relegation position. With the assumption of pascal dupraz won three and tied one of the last four matches. He got out of the red zone. Coach Dupraz warned his players: “He doesn’t want any of them to exchange shirts with Messi, Mbappé or Neymar.” Good afternoon. We begin the live coverage of the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Saint-Etienne, by the 26th date of the league 1, who comfortably heads the team led by Mauricio Pochettino. In the leader the alignment of the trident that integrates Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. in the bank are Angel Di Maria and Mauro Icardi.


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