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Police demand transfer of prisoners and suspend activities in Baixa do Fiscal

The Police Station for Repression of Theft and Robbery (DRFR), in the Baixa do Fiscal region, in Salvador, suspended its activities this Tuesday (22), on the grounds that 30 prisoners who are in custody at the place should have already been transferred to the prison.

The Civil Police Union of Bahia (Sindpoc) states that, of the 30 prisoners in the police station, 26 already have preventive detention decreed and should be in the prison system. According to the president of the entity, Eustácio Lopes, there is a 2017 court decision that determines that there should not be prisoners in police stations, but the state does not comply.

Eustácio says that the police station has been in custody of these prisoners for about 30 days and, therefore, the activities carried out in the place will only return to normal after the prisoners are transferred to the prison. “We have more than a thousand prisoners in all the police stations in Bahia and this should not happen”, says the president. According to him, some police stations in Salvador have more than 150 prisoners daily and this interferes with the role of civil police officers, since this function of caring for prisoners is the prison guard. “Instead of investigating homicides, which are out of control, we have to guard prisoners, we can’t do that anymore. The prisoner has to be removed after the act”, he concluded. The Civil Police informed, through a note, that the management of vacancies in the prison system is the responsibility of the Secretariat of Prison Administration (Seap) and that they carry out daily negotiations with the folder for the transfer of custodians.

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Seap clarified that there is an agreement, signed between the Ministry and the Civil Police, in which prisoners with Preventive Prison would be received by the Penal Observation Center (COP). “The COP is the gateway to the Prison System for those who enter it once a week and this is being done. Last week, SEAP welcomed around 60 new inmates from the Civil Police stations,” the ministry said in a statement.

The Civil Police also detailed that, in July 2021, the corporation joined the Risk Management Program, when it started mapping the risks and consequences of the custody of prisoners in units of the Institution. The proposed action plan, which highlights issues such as police safety, the diversion of investigative activity and the high costs of maintaining custody, was presented to the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) in February this year.

Sought, the SSP did not respond until the closing of this report.

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