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Plasencia dresses up for the Falcó family

AND Finally the great day has come. Plasencia has become this Saturday the dream setting to host the expected marriage bond between Alvaro Falco and Isabelle Junot, qualified as the wedding of the year by the world of couché paper. For such a great event, the capital of Jerte has woken up with a radiant sun despite the fact that the temperature drop was notable. Numerous Plasencians and tourists have approached the surroundings of the Palacio del Marqués de Mirabel to see the most mediatic guests arrive, although they have ended up ‘made up and without the bride and groom’, since these they had closed an exclusive with the magazine Hello! and they have not let themselves be seen abroad. “I have come out of curiosity to see famous people, because it is a joy for us to have them in Plasencia,” said Soraya, a Plasencia woman who came first thing in the morning to see the attendees along with her friend Puerto. The celebrity Tamara Falcó, Marchioness of Griñón and Álvaro’s cousin, who was one of the most anticipated guests, was also not seen. Having said that, around 11:45 a.m. the first attendees to the ceremony began to arrive. Many of them have opted for midi cut dresses and long sleeves, while they have come in a suit or jacket. The best-known faces have been kept waiting when walking down the paseo to the palace chapel, which is owned by the Falcós. One of these has been Manuel Falcó, Marquis of Castel-Moncayo, who has come accompanied by his wife, Amparo Corsini, and his daughter Manuela. Shortly after, one of the most anticipated celebrities appeared, Marta Ortega, daughter of businessman Amancio Ortega who last Friday took over the reins of the Inditex group, along with her husband Carlos Torretta. Marta Ortega and Carlos Torretta. Toni Gudiel Girona

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Xandra Falco, Marchioness of Mirabel, has arrived accompanied by her daughter Camila. For her part, Maria Chavarrisister of the groom’s mother, has attended with her daughter Sol. The businessman Thomas Terry He has also attended the ceremony with his son Tomás and has been very excited about the link, as he has expressed to the media that were waiting abroad. The public has been able to see in turn Alonzo Aznarson of José María Aznar, together with his partner Renata Collado; to Philip Curtain and Carlos Cortina, children of Alfonso Cortina and Miriam Lapique, as well as the model Eugenia Silva. Antonio Romero and Rafael Ruiz, members of the group Los del Río, once again spread sympathy as on the previous day, since they were in charge of entertaining the pre-wedding party. Eugenie Silva. EP The baptized ‘girlfriend of the year’, daughter of Philippe Junot, who was married to Carolina de Monaco, has dazzled with a exclusive dress designed by Alessandra Rianudo, artistic director of the firm Pronovias. Alonso Aznar, son of José María Aznar, together with his partner Renata Collado. Toni Gudiel After saying ‘yes, I do’ in the palace chapel, the happy newlyweds enjoyed a cocktail with more than 250 guests to whet their appetite and, later, tasted the wedding menu prepared by the famous chef Mario Sandoval. It should be remembered that the idyll between the Falcós and Plasencia dates back a long way, since the groom’s parents, Fernando Falcó, now deceased, and Marta Chávarri, also married in Plasencia in 1982, as did her cousin Xandra.

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