Perfect iPhone Accessories for Teen Girls 


Are you looking for trendy iPhone accessories for girls? Then you are at the right spot. Whether you want cute iPhone cases for girls or power banks, we have covered all for you. These are thoughtful gifts for teen girls coz they are smart, chic, and girly. We guarantee you that they will love them for sure. It is a perfect gift for girls on birthdays, proposals, or any special day. Check them out.

Power Bank:

No worries from now. If you work late hours or you are traveling. Your parents will not be afraid of you. A power bank is an essential teen girls’ phone accessory that is worth acquiring. If you’re shopping and you want to ask your sister what she’d like you to get her and your phone battery runs out at the last minute. It is a horrible situation. That’s where the power bank comes as a savior.

Plug into juice up some batteries. Anker, Mophie, and Starbucks all have adorable options for girls. They are girlish and are available in many color options.

Crossbody Phone Case:

Teenager age is quite snuggly but at the same time sloppy too. They constantly lose or drop their phones. Relatable, right. Don’t worry, you will love us for this. Peeperly’s crossbody phone cases for iPhones are great.

It has a variety of designs, patterns, and colors like gold, pink, green, red, and black. Customized sunset cases are perfect for day and night excursions. It works with every outfit. Every Peeperly comes with a pocket to keep your Ids, cash, and debit/credit cards safe. It is durable, sturdy, and handy for girls. 

Phone Stand:

Phone stands are a great gifting idea if your teen lady is an active social media user. She can make YouTube, FaceTime, and Instagram videos with friends and family. She will love to flaunt the phone stand amongst her friends’ group. There are many options like the Joby GripTight Mount, GorillaHypod Hybrid, and the Saramonic SR-BSP1 that are perfect for your Apple phones.

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If your teen is making money via Instagram or YouTube videos and wants to save money buy Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand.

Headphones/ Wireless Earbuds:

So, the next on our list is wireless earbuds. Before you buy, ask them what they want: headphones or an earbud. Follow their preference. If they are uncomfortable with earbuds, get them quality wired headphones.

Some might prefer earbuds as they are wire-free, have options like noise cancellation, sound quality, and comfort. Airpods are best when we talk about iPhone accessories. It is superior quality-based official earphones with ANC. Another one that we recommend is Bose QuietComfort Headphones for headphone lovers.

Charging Cables:

We all know iPhone users have to purchase charging cables. Every teen wants a charging cable that is equipped with various specs like USB, micro USB, Lightning, and USB-C connectors. You can purchase Amuvec’s fast charging cable that features all the necessary specifications one teen needs. It has a 4 ft long cable and comes in bright radiant colors. 

You can also get her a pack of 4 pretty colored cables like green, pink, purple, and blue iPhone cables.

Dust Plugs:

Dust plugs protect your teen’s ports and charging cable from dirt, lint, liquid splashes, and grime. They come in a variety of colors and cute little characters like a panda, ladybug, smiley, penguin, red bear, and many more.

Phone Charms:

Cute phone charms are a crazy hit amongst teenage girls. It makes the phone identifiable and fun. Many celebrities and Instagram personalities endorse beaded phone charms.

Peeperly has many chic exclusive iPhone charms galleries. They are colorful and vibrant pieces that are a hit amongst girls.

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Camera Lens:

Selfie is a trend amongst cuties. You will notice many selfies and makeup applications on girls’ phones. It’s impossible to upload an image without applying an Instagram filter, right? Why not gift them a good-quality camera lens, so they have the liberty to upload clear pictures on Instagram? Moment Lenses, Apexel lenses, and Nelomo lenses are great for awesome images.


Last but not least is a popsocket. These cute, little circular flat sockets sit at the back of the phone and add grip while taking selfies. It makes the phone handier to scroll with one hand. Teens can use them as phone stands too. It is a small, affordable, and great buy for girls.


Teen girls are at a growing stage. They are still figuring out what they want. It is better to guide them and gift them something that will stay with them forever. If you give them some essentials like a power bank, crossbody phone wallet, popsockets, phone charms, earbuds, etc., they will appreciate it. You won’t be disappointed with their responses. Let them explore the world and have fun. These moments are precious and won’t come again.

We hope you are satisfied with the phone accessory listings for teen girls. Thank you for investing your precious time in our article. We wish to serve you with quality and informative content. For any suggestions write to us.

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