Patricia Bullrich criticized Horacio Rodríguez Larreta’s “reversal” and whitened differences in the Pro

The leader of the PRO Patricia Bullrich criticized Horacio Rodríguez Larreta for pushing back the Buenos Aires police from the surroundings of Cristina Kirchner’s house in Recoleta. She also confessed that the head of government called her to go to the press conference in Parque Patricios, but that she did not go because they did not let her talk about her. “I told Larreta, I will go if I speak. I will go if I can put the specific position of what I think is important to propose there to Cristina Kirchner, in front”, reported to the TN channel. “We cannot allow them to advance. In the city of Buenos Aires, Kirchnerism is opposition. That distinction is very important,” he warned.Although there were already differences between Bullrich and Larreta, in this case they were made public. “If you make a decision, you have to keep it”gave his opinion when asked about the actions of the security forces after having fenced off the block of Juncal and Uruguay.“It seems to me that when you already make a decision to fence the vice president’s house to take care of the vice president and the neighbors, you have to maintain it,” he explained. “If putting up the fences was a mistake, you have to maintain it,” she considered. “We have to support the police forcefully and the police are going to sit back and do nothing else,” she analyzed.Patricia Bullrich at the Palermo Rural ExhibitionHernán Zenteno – LA NACIÓN“It seems to me that the problem, and it is what we are seeing today, the street has the militancy. They decide, they are the ones that cut traffic. If we continue to naturalize that order and the law are held by informal groups and not by the State or the police… we are talking about a group that decides to put on a little jacket and say ‘now the street is mine. I think that the problem there is that a contract of social convenience is broken and the privilege of power is generated. Yesterday CFK had the privilege of power, “he said later. Regarding what should have been done, he insisted:” When you make the decision to put up the fence, you keep it. And you don’t run from there. What they are questioning is not the fence, that is symbolic. They question your government. The Government is in the one that maintains order. And you cannot deliver that order.” “When I put up fences, you saw them on the Pueyrredón Bridge, they never passed them. When we made the decision that the Ezeiza Highway would no longer be closed, I started and I had the first problem with rubber bullets. But they never cut again. When I decided that the Panamericana would never be closed again, I removed the cars with tow trucks”, recalled the former Security Minister. She considered that when it comes to” protecting citizens, you cannot be afraid “. “If you have you are afraid, you transmit that same fear of the Police”, she maintained and took the opportunity to make a harsh criticism of the Rodríguez Larreta administration: “There is something that cannot be ignored in all this. And it is the fact that the streets of the City are always taken. They see us weak for that. They say that Together for Change will never govern because they take to the streets”.The head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, at a press conferenceThe head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, at a press conferenceGovernment of the city of Buenos Aires“We are the ones who have to drive the street. We cannot allow ourselves to be controlled by Cristina Kirchner or by anyone else. Could there be consequences for that? Yes, there are usually consequences when you act. But I stand firm. You cannot cede control of the street to the militancy,” insisted Bullrich. He also proposed sanctions for those who were part of the protests, which began last Monday and in which confrontations, fights and arrests were experienced.“National deputies must be made a complaint. Those who broke things have to pay for them, down to the last piece of glass. You have to act. I want to represent a Together for Change that does not allow itself to be controlled by Kirchnerism”, he insisted. He also pointed out the negotiations between the Nation and the City during the vigil weekend: “We first released a statement from JxC at the time there was a decision made by the Chief of Staff of the City [Felipe Miguel] that they were going to stay in that place. And in between, things happened that no one knew about. In the midst of things happening that no one knew about, this happened. This week we are going to talk.News in development

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