Passing: Is The New Netflix FIlm Based On A True Story?

Passing: Is The New Netflix FIlm

Netflix has been the hub of commercially and critically acclaimed movies and tv shows over the past few years. Now the streaming giant has released one of its highest acclaimed and critically appreciated movies, Passing. The black and white film takes us back to the glorious days of the 1920s in New York. The story revolves around two friends and their reunion around Harlem. With its black and white set-up and being a historical film, it is believed around the corners of the internet that the film is based on a true story. But is it? Let’s dig deep into the details.

Passing: What Is The Plot Of The Movie?

The film being based on a true story is a second thing, but the first one is how it represents certain things of our human society. The film directed by Rebecca Hall portrays the complexity of worlds, including differences over race, gender, color, and more. The movie revolves around Clare (Ruth Negga) and her friend Irene (Tessa Thompson). The movie was earlier released at Sundance Film Festival this year and got flourished with immense beautiful reviews. 

Passing: Is It Based On A True Story?

The story of Passing is entirely a work of fiction. For fans who think that the movie is based on real-life incidents, it might be heart-wrenching to know that Clare and Irene weren’t real people. Moreover, not every character of Passing is fictional. The character of Hugh Wentworth is inspired by Carl Van Vechten, a famous queer writer, and photographer. Still, the story is an original screenplay inspired by Larsen’s own experiences as a person with mixed-race identity in the lanes of New York City. Some of the events in the film are inspired by actual events, including the tragic lynching of a black man, John Carter, on May 4, 1927.

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The movie is not adapted from real-life events based on the 1929 novel of the same name Nella Larsen. The book also follows a similar plot which is seen in the film. The novel has been adapted into a movie nearly a decade after it was initially published. 


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