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Pantanal: Guta has sex with Tadeu, but warns that it will not happen again

Tadeu (José Loreto) will finally open his heart to Guta (Julia Dalavia), with whom he has been in love since the first time he saw her in the Pantanal. The confession takes place after a fight between Tenório (Murilo Benício) and his daughter. The girl will remember the time she, without knowing it, almost had sex with her brother, son of the family that her father keeps hidden. Tadeu will catch the businessman humiliating her and will console the girl, who went to cry by the river. “Thank you for worrying. But you don’t have to take sides just because of me”, says Guta. “Do you know a better cause than taking sides with someone you like?”, replies the boy, in love. The pawn does not know that his father’s second family is the reason for the crisis of conscience, so he will ask if the affair she had with Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) is the reason for her sadness. But she will come back to say that she doesn’t believe she’s good enough for him. “No problem, Tadeu, it’s just that I don’t deserve to be liked by a guy as pure as you”, justifies Guta. “I’m the one who knows about it… And I say you deserve it”, replies Tadeu, who immediately kisses her. The two have sex right there, consummating all the desire they feel. Mostly him. But, after the moment of intimacy, Guta treats him with a certain distance, however, explains that the problem is not in him. “I just think it’s better that it doesn’t happen again… For the sake of the affection we have for each other”, she says, on the boat.
“For my sake, I wish that could happen again”, replies the pawn.

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