Oscar Ruggeri’s hilarious story about Nadal after seeing him play from the court

The F90 columnist (ESPN), Oscar Ruggerisaid this Thursday that he attended the central court of Roland Garros, Philippe Chattierto see the second round match starring the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadaland the French Corentin Moutet. The match ended 6-3, 6-1 and 6-4 in favor of the man from Manacor, who won the second Grand Slam of the year 13 times. In addition, his victory represented the 300th victory in major tournaments for “El Matador”. Apart from the statistics, the “Cabezón” was able to observe closely, not only the high level of tennis that Nadal displayed, but also other aspects of his behavior, more linked to his personality. It is known that Rafa is very fond of “customs” (as I would say Charles Bilardo) that he repeats point after point in most of his matches. However, Ruggeri had, this time, the opportunity to witness these movements up close. In contact with his companions from the city of light, the former defender of the real Madrida team of which Nadal is a fanatical fan (recently, he asked for a match to be played earlier in order to watch the Champions League semi-final against Manchester City), highlighted how impressed he was with the “tics” that the greatest Grand Slam winner in history has. “It’s tremendous. He tucks his underpants up his tail and pulls them back. How he screwed it up!” Ruggeri observed, about one of Nadal’s best-known habits. At the same time, he added that he then adjusts his hair and face before serving. He even counted the number of tics the 35-year-old would have. “Do you know we control it? has nine. It is never forgotten”.Rafael Nadal, a tennis legendLater, Ruggeri noticed that Nadal “does not step on the lines”and that in the side changes, “always wait for the rival to pass”. Once in his resting chair, Oscar explained that he drinks water and the legendary tennis player puts the bottles “all in order”. In that sense, he began to think about what will happen to Rafael when he stops playing tennis: “All those tics are going to stay with him, if they stayed with us with Bilardo. Imagine Nadal at the traffic light. He puts on the green and starts … ”, he narrated as a joke. At the same time, the animator Sebastian Vignolo He dismissed it being that way, and put “Cabezón” himself as an example. “But what does that have to do with anything? You didn’t have so many tics left. You took the gum away, “he said in relation to one of Ruggeri’s most frequent habits in his professional player stage. On the other hand, the former Argentine national team player revealed that he counted the number of seconds it takes for the Spanish tennis player to serve. “Today I controlled him: 24 seconds it takes. Did you see that he has 30 seconds to serve? And he uses more or less 24, 25 ″. In another section of the program, the journalists debated about the phrase that he pronounced Marcelo Gallardo in the press conference after the match in which his team crushed Alianza Lima 8-1. The “Muñeco” referred to the possibility that “La Araña” will stay six more months in his team, beyond the fact that his file already belongs to the Manchester CityAlthough “Napoleon” himself admitted that Guardiola would not agree to a possible request from him, from France, Ruggeri suggested that he get in touch with Pep so that he would give him that benefit. “This can only be unlocked by one person: Gallardo talking directly to Guardiola. If she speaks it, did you see that she said she’s not going to listen to me? He’s not going to listen to him, he’s going to listen to him and he’s going to start talking.” Meanwhile, the former central defender indicated that he, instead of Gallardo, “I’m already calling him every day to say ‘hello, what? how are you? Good thing you brought Halland huh, you’re a genius. Will you leave me the kid?

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