Oscar Ruggeri stopped the debate on ESPN, stood in the middle of the studio and left Vignolo speechless

After a few days of absence, Oscar Ruggeri went back to school ESPN. Star columnist for F90, the former player usually draws attention not only with his football opinions, but also because of his particular personality, which can lead to comedy steps like the one on the day of the date. While the journalists were arguing about the relevance or not of the use of GPS in football, the former player stealthily took his cell phone, stood up from his seat and, to the rhythm of the theme “The girl in the boutique”began to dance.“Mariano, they are making me sick”, Oscar told Closs in the pass of programs between F12 and F90. Of course: a while before they had talked about the importance of the application of psychology in football, and they quickly changed the subject and went on to discuss GPS. However, Ruggeri had remained attached to the previous debate. “They drive you crazy, Oscar”, The football reporter agreed with the former defender, to which the “Cabezón” added: “We are already fulfilling many years. We are not well”. Immediately afterwards, the animator Sebastian Vignolo he realized that his partner was carrying out an “unusual maneuver: “Whoa, whoa, whoa, he’s got the phone. Because I already saw it in the previous one, ”she anticipated. by his side, Marcelo Sottile said about Ruggeri: “He has a day…”. Then, she began to dance with the cell phone close to her ears to listen to the song, with the eyes closed and a smile on his face. The tender moment was interrupted when Oscar’s phone rang to call him. A few seconds later, Ruggeri did not give up and stood up again to dance, in this case, a song by the Spanish artist Camilo Sestos.Immediately, Oscar asked Daniel Arucci: “How was it in the events that we brought the drink?”. “The assaults”, the journalist reminded him. From the other study, Mariano warned: “We are in a kermés”. At his turn, Sottile defined his singular companion paraphrasing a producer of the program: “Great definition of ‘Gallego’ López: is Olmedo, Ruggeri”.Excited about the idea of ​​dancing, Ruggeri said: “Now I go back and grab Nancy (NdeR: his wife)”. Incredulous at what he was witnessing, Closs asked Vignolo: “How are you going to get out of this?”, To which the “Chicken” replied: “Today is poli rubro. Did you see the station kiosks? The “Cabezón” confirmed the entertainer’s statements and explained why they were relaxing on the day of the date: “There is a family eating at this moment and you tell them: ‘the side did not close’. The lady leaves, the guy says: this one with the side again, stop joking … ”According to him, Ruggeri was absent from the last programs because he was at the Conmebol headquarters in Asunción. The reason for the meeting was to try to understand why the teams that are part of the confederation have not been world champions since 2002.

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