On an exclusive Pfizer day, Salvador vaccinates children up to 10 years old; see posts

This Monday (17), from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, the 'Pfizer's Day', with the exclusive application of the immunizing agent against covid-19, also includes children aged 10 years without permanent disability in the strategy.

In total, 10 fixed immunization points will deliver the dose to children aged 10 and 11 years. Children aged 5 to 11 with permanent disabilities (motor, hearing, visual and intellectual) will also be covered by the strategy. Four points will work exclusively for the care of children with disabilities.

Only people who have their name on the list of the Municipal Health Department will be attended.

First, second and third doses of Pfizer will be applied.

The 1st dose will be offered to adolescents and adults aged 12 years and over; adolescents with comorbidities; pregnant and postpartum women aged 12 years or older with a name on the list available on the SMS website.

Individuals with a name on the list can take the 2nd dose on the following schedule: Pfizer until 02/12/2022.

The 3rd dose will be available for immunosuppressed people who took the 2nd dose until 12/17/2021 and for individuals aged 18 years and over who took the 2nd dose until 09/17/2021. Everyone must have their name on the SMS list.

The 3rd dose for Pregnant Women and Puerperal Women will be offered to those who are on the list and have taken the second dose until 08/16/2021, that is, from 5 months after receiving the second dose according to new guidance from the Ministry of Health .

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Check vaccination sites
Drive-thrus: Shopping Bela Vista (9am to 4pm), Vila Militar (Dendezeiros), Atakadão Atakarejo (Fazenda Coutos) and Unijorge (Parallel).

Fixed points: Lapa Station, Mussurunga Station, USF Resgate, USF Antônio Ribeiro Neiva (Arraial do Retiro), USF Eduardo Mamede (Mussurunga), USF Jardim das Margaridas, UBS São Cristóvão, USF Cajazeiras X, USF Joanes Leste, USF Tubarão, USF Alto de Coutos II, USF Vista Alegre, USF Plataforma, USF Teotônio Vilela II, USF Menino Joel (Northeast of Amaralina), USF Santa Luzia (Engenho Velho de Brotas), USF João Roma Filho (Jardim Nova Esperança), UBS Ramiro de Azevedo (Campo da Pólvora), USF San Martin I, USF San Martin III, USF Parque de Pituaçu and USF Boa Vista de São Caetano.

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