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Old IPv6 addresses can pose security risks

As we can read in PcPer, it seems that old IPv6 addresses can pose security risksand it is that, although IPv6 addresses are spoken of as a substitute for IPv4, there are actually two versions of these addresses. The first IPv6 addresses used the EUI-64 system, which uses the MAC address of the device to generate the host part of the address.
This was replaced by DHCPv6 with SLAAC when the industry realized that revealing the ID of our hardware uniquely on the network was not the best ideabut apparently the manufacturers of most IoT devices, as well as all devices that made use of EUI-64 initially, they leave us vulnerable to tracking attacks.
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As explained in the media, when we have a device that makes use of EUI-64 in our network, we are already vulnerable, since, by using the same end user prefix for both devicesbut prevent the old device from generating new IP addresses –unlike devices with SLAAC—we can always be associated with the original IP address.
The worst thing is that there is no clear solution today, since many of the devices that make use of this old protocol are no longer supported.

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