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NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Founders graphics cards are showing expansion marks under load

by Jordi Bercial 2 hours ago It seems that the construction of NVIDIA’s RTX 3000 series Founders Edition graphics cards has made the entire card assembly efficient enough to move heat that even the external casing of the card itself can reach temperatures equal to those of the heatsink and, therefore, the chip inside.
However, it seems that this was not part of NVIDIA’s plans, since as we can see in this Reddit post, a user has been able to notice how marks appeared on the side of the cardboth in the case itself and in the trim on the back, when it is working at a temperature of around 75 degrees.
Geeknetic NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Founders Graphics Cards Are Showing Expansion Marks Under Load 1
As soon as the card is no longer under load and cools down, these marks disappear, which seems to indicate that it is a problem related to the constant of thermal expansion of the materials with which the card is manufactured in relation to the anodizing with which they are colored.
In the comments of the post you can see how at least one other owner of a card of this model has noticed the same problem, while another user with a laptop with a metal case has been able to notice it, so while it wouldn’t be a problem that manifested itself right away, it could be the product of wear over hundreds of heat cycles.

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