Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 4 Latest Release Date and Spoilers!

Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 4

Now We Are Breaking Up is a running series from South Korea. The series deals with the essence of romance starring Song Hye- Kyo, Jang Ki- Yong, Choi Hee- Seo, and Kim Joo- Hun. The show was created and composed by Kang Eun – Kyung and Je In. The original language in which the show is cast is the Korean language. To date, the series has completed the casting of its 16th episode with a runtime of 70 minutes each. The production company of the series are Samhwa Networks and United Artist Agency.

The plot structure of the series:

The series focuses on the relationship status of a couple and deals with their love life and breakups. The elements of love in the life of the characters create chaos in the show. As we are aware, Jae Kook was about to leave Korea but has resisted himself by knowing the past of Young Eun and Yoon Soo. Young Eun has tried a lot to overcome her past love story, but its emotions regarding her past relationship once again pop up by hearing her ex-lover’s name. She works for a brand design collection and tries best to analyse which clothes suit more people.

Young Eun is the protagonist of the series and the show with the ups and downs of her life and the connections she made in her journey of life. Young Eun is an independent girl taking responsibility for herself as well as her family. People at her workplace use her for granted and always tries to pull her back. She felt disappointed and cheated many times in the show. The 4th episode of the series will come up with lots more problems for Young Eun, reminding her of the things she was trying to get rid of. The issue at her workplace will increase, making the situation tough for her to handle.

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To know more about how she will tackle the situation, stay tuned to the show.

Release Date of the latest episode of the show:

The show will rise with its latest episode on 20 November 2021 only on SBS TV at 10: 30 pm KST.


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