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Nothing raises expectations for its future release with its April Fools prank

Nothing has taken advantage of this day of the American “holy innocents”, which takes place today the first of April, to launch what would be a mockery of most smartphone manufacturers. The mockery does not lack a certain reason, and it is that leaving aside the latest folding terminals that have reached the market, the smartphone concept is not much more than a rectangle with few details.

However, this would suggest that the Nothing terminal, which has yet to be presented, will have a groundbreaking design, features rarely seen on smartphones, and in general, It will be a terminal that will differ greatly from the rest of the smartphones that we can find for sale today.

This will be important for the launch of the terminal, and as we can see in the tweet on these lines, some statements are made by the company that may turn against it in the future, andespecially if the terminal does not meet the renewed expectations that the brand has just generated.

In any case, until this summer we will not be able to know more about Nothing’s first smartphone, so until then it is impossible to know if this has really been a covert presentation in the form of a joke or if Nothing really has a revolutionary terminal in its hands, although we hope it is the latter, especially considering that the company has not yet released a single smartphone.
Editor’s CommentWhile what is said in the middle of April Fools is to be ignored, some jokes can have effects on the perception of a brand beyond the day they are made, and this, potentially, can happen to Nothing with the joke that has been made today on Twitter. In general, strong language has been used – within what strong means in mentions of other companies – to address the rest of the industry, so if Nothing’s terminal does not complies, the company cannot expect positive or respectful feedback, quite the opposite. Personally, the impression I get is that Nothing has launched a marketing strategy similar to that of dbrand, where we can see that it is a strategy that would generally be considered unprofessional, but that works very well on its own. In any case, we can only wait to see how the terminal in question is, because there is also the possibility that a smartphone so different from what we usually see on the market, that it ends up being ugly or impractical, as has happened on some occasions when trying to abandon the rectangular format that characterizes modern terminals. Answer End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments!
Article Writer: Jordi Bercial

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