No time? Fit snack in 1 minute, you can!

Lack of time is one of the great evils today. It is common to have a full agenda; pretend to fulfill all the tasks, professional matters and personal matters without batting an eyelid. It is understandable that many believe it is impossible to dedicate time to taking care of yourself, cooking, training, resting… But you should know that it is not incompatible! Didn’t you know that you can bet on a healthy life despite the thousand things you have to do throughout the day? Well, we will tell you about it and what better way to do it than with this example: fit snack in 1 minute. You can, but for that you have to want! Are you willing to be the best version of yourself? Go for it! We know that sometimes the lack of time is real. There are many things to attend to in the different fields of life. However, we want to remind you that in order to get to everything and do it in good health, it is necessary to find moments of attention to oneself and self-care. Far from what some usually think, train, eat well or sleep what is necessary is not a whim; it’s not something you can do alone if you have time to spare. On the contrary! Being well fed and hydrated, training, staying active and sleeping around 7 or 8 hours is a priority. The lack of time is real, yes, but not an excuse to abandon you and wait until it’s time to “treat” rather than “prevent.”

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Fit snack in 1 minute, there are no excuses!

In the field of nutrition, you should know that it is not true that you need a lot of time, money or experience to bet on a balanced and varied diet. You can eat well economically, with little time and even from inexperience. Because everything is learned, but it is necessary to get involved and show a positive attitude. In our blog you will find plenty of quick, simple and nutritious recipes. Today we share with you a great idea, a fit snack in 1 minute. What will be your excuse?


get these four ingredients and get to work. Come on, you have 1 minute to do it!Natural yoghurt.Banana.Nuts.Honey.You just have to put the yoghurt in a bowl, add the sliced ​​banana, the walnuts, the splash of a thousand and… ready-to-eat delight! Fit snack in 1 minute prepared. You can even take it to the office! Don’t you like honey? Try sweetener, cinnamon, or don’t sweeten it at all. Do you want to substitute nuts? Use any natural dried fruit! As you can see, it allows variations, so make it personalized and vary according to the day and your desires.

When it comes to healthy habits, no excuse is enough to justify neglect, sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition. There is always a way to do it and if you don’t know how to find the way yourself, you have trouble managing your stress, adopting changes in your routine, you can count on Vikika Team. We will be happy to accompany you in the process, both through our plans as with our psychology service. Don’t wait any longer, prepare your fit snack in 1 minute and reflect on your new path. It’s the moment!

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