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“No Place for Bravery” is postponed to Q3 2022

No Place for Bravery

In a note, Ysbryd Games and Glitch Factory announced that their action RPG, “No Place for Bravery”, which was originally scheduled to appear between the end of last year and the beginning of this, will only be released in the third quarter for PC. and Switch.

Neither the developer nor the publisher said only that the extra time is needed to polish the rest of “No Place for Bravery”. Now, considering that the Glitch Factory isn't a huge company and the action RPG art is quite detailed, it's not surprising that snags ended up occurring.

Still, I'm looking forward to playing it for its combat that seems to be quite competent and the variety of scenarios. The story of the warrior Thorn and the search for his lost daughter doesn't move me that much – I blame the amount of games about "being a father" or something like that in recent years. But, who knows what the Glitch Factory can bring by surprise to make it more interesting?

Watch the latest trailers for No Place for Bravery below:

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