Nicolás Vázquez’s tears for a message from Gimena Accardi: “You are from another galaxy”

Gimena Accardi (36) and Nicholas Vazquez (44) are one of the most beloved couples in the artistic environment. Since they began their love story in 2007, they have not stopped adding moments in which They are more united and stronger than ever. On this occasion, the actress praised her husband with tender words of thanks for the support he gives him at all times and he did not hesitate to expose his emotions to the air. It all happened in an interview for the show Partners of the show (eltrece). At one point, they surprised the former Casi Angeles with a clip that Gimena recorded and aired it: “Hello, my love. I’m passing by to tell you that I love you deeply, with all my soul. You are my favorite person in the whole world“, said, a few days after undergoing surgery of reconstruction after having fallen while walking his dog. The tears of Nicolás Vázquez when listening to the message from Gimena Accardi With the sensitivity on the surface, he continued: “Thank you for these almost 15 years together, Thank you for always accompanying me, for always being at the foot of the canyon. Thank you for making me laugh, even though I’m in a lot of pain, thank you for everything you do for me and everyone.” Continuing the praise, he added, “You’re basically the best person I know. Everyone needs a Nico Vázquez close by. You are a spectacular friend, a son, a boss, a spectacular partner and a husband from another galaxy. I love you with all my soul, thank you for everything you do.” Once he expressed his feelings about the love he feels for his partner and, true to his style, Gimena hinted at the actor and asked him to tell the actor public how he performs with household chores now that he has to take care of everything: “Tell them how you look in that role. Love you”.After listening carefully to his life partner, Nico was very moved and expressed: “The things that happen to you in life they either unite you or separate you. I always say that in our case they unite us”. Faced with the surprise that the filming caused her, she explained: “I don’t know how they managed to get me to say everything on televisionit is seen that he really wanted to express it and that people know it. One is used to living with this love, but they are words that generate something very beautiful in me”.The couple was very much in love on the beaches of Mar del Plata during the month of January Capture Instagram Grateful and still excited, he slipped: “Gime is a person I admire. These are years of choosing oneself and of good and bad things happening, but the bad things that happened to us we were able to overcome because very good things also happen to us. I have a beautiful family and friends.” Shortly after, the actor responded to the chicana that his wife made him referring to his performance in the kitchen: “At least I was able to learn to know where the glasses and plates were. Because it was all at once that I found myself making scrambled eggs.” Likewise, he said that before his partner had to rest due to his operation, he was in charge of some tasks but now he had to add others.These days were very hectic for both of them. With a summer season that was on the rise, the plans were frustrated after the accident suffered by Gimena. However, a month after the event, the artist surprised her followers by saying that One week no more has a return date in Mar del Plata.Just One Week is the play starring Nicolás Vázquez, Gimena Accardi and Benjamín RojasJust one week is the play starring Nicolás Vázquez, Gimena Accardi and Benjamín RojasCaptura InstagramThrough his Instagram account, he noted: “The first news, that I am excited to say it and my voice breaks because I thought that this would never happen again, we are back. What little suspense I did! Yes, I don’t want to beat around the bush.” The long awaited comeback will take place in Aprilwhen Accardi is already 100% recovered.

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