New Miniseries: Maya and the Three Release Date Update

Maya and the Three Release Date is out Y’all and It’s time for Netflix and Chill again!

Netflix, for quite some time, has been on the backfoot for serving the line-ups and new content. Nah, we don’t blame you Netflix, we know it’s the Pandemic!

But still, the way the streaming service has managed and continued to put the dose of entertainment out there for folks like us who literally live on Netflix. But hey, it’s never enough, to be honest.

Maya and the Three

The wonderful and mind-blowing animated series is coming right on top for us on and as you know by now, it’s called Maya and the Three. 

Coming this Fall, ladies, and gentlemen and you have to be ready to welcome the excitement of all sorts. Trust me, this isn’t the show that you would want to miss because it has some serious voice actors lined up.

Under the direction of Jorge R. Gutiérrez, the show will feature Maya, Aztec, and Inca featuring their Caribbean culture all this while. Mexoplis and Tangent Animation are the ones handling the production of the show.

Maya and the Three has a ‘Release Date’ Yet?

From where we see, the answer currently to the question is a blend of yes and no.

Netflix has announced the show will commence this coming fall but the dates, aren’t out yet. So, an official announcement awaits.

Here is the Official Teaser from Netflix.

Cast Details!

Expect some of the best Latino voices from Hollywood who will be featuring for Maya and the Three.

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Maya and the Three

Time to roll.

Here is the full list of cast members who you will see in the Netflix miniseries

  • Zoe Saldana as Maya – Seen/Heard in Avatar
  • Hailey Hermida as Coralia – Seen/Heard in Klaus
  • Stephanie Beatriz as Chimi – Seen/Heard in Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Wyclef Jean as Gran Brujo – Seen/Heard in Be Cool
  • Gael Garcia Bernal as The Jaguar Triplets – Seen/Heard in Y Tu Mamá También
  • JY Tu Mamá También as God of Bats – Seen/Heard in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • Rosie Perez as Goddess of Gators – Seen/Heard in White Men Can’t Jump
  • Rita Moreno as Ah Puch – Seen/Heard in West Side Story
  • Cheech Marin as God of Storm / God of Wind – Seen/Heard in Up in Smoke
  • Allen Maldonado as Rico – Seen/Heard in The Last O.G.
  • Eric Bauza as God of Jungle Animals – Seen/Heard in Transformers: Robots in Disguise
  • Carolina Ravassa as Barbarian Princess – Seen/Heard in The Affair
  • Jorge R. Gutiérrez – Seen/Heard in Elena of Avalor
  • Isabela Merced as Widow Queen – – Seen/Heard in Dora and the Lost City of Gold
  • Danny Trejo as God of Earthquakes – Seen/Heard in Machete
  • Alfred Molina as Lord Mictlan – Seen/Heard in Frida
  • Diego Luna as Zatz – Seen/Heard in Rogue One
  • Queen Latifah as Gran Bruja – Seen/Heard in Hairspray

  • Kate del Castillo as Lady Micte – Seen/Heard in The Book of Life
  • Gabriel Iglesias as Picchu – Seen/Heard in The Nut Job
  • Carlos Alazraqui as God of Dark Magic – Seen/Heard in Happy Feet
  • Chelsea Rendon as Goddess of Tattoos – Seen/Heard in Vida
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From the names, you can totally infer that I was being serious.


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