Netflix’s Manifest season 4 Latest Release Date, Cast Details & Plot!

Manifest season 4

Manifesters around the globe have been waiting for the fourth season of the drama ever since Netflix saved the show from getting canceled and demolished forever. Back when Netflix announced the renewal of Manifest for a fourth and final season, showrunner Jeff Rake stated that he hopes Season 4 will land into its production phase by the end-2021. The statement made by the creator has come true, the cast and crew of the show are back in New York, to film the saga of ‘Manifest’ one last time.

The fourth season of Manifest will be the first to be exclusively owned and streamed by Netflix after the first three seasons of the show made their mark on the NBC network. The major popularity of the show came into notice when Netflix acquired it and started streaming the three seasons in Summer 2021. The show quickly gathered itself and jumped over the Netflix top 10, making history that we all are aware of.

Now since the cameras are rolling for the final set of 20 episodes of the cult show, here’s everything you need to know about the release, cast, and other updates of Manifest Season 4.

Manifest Season 4: When Did The Filming Start?

As we mentioned earlier in the article, the filming for Manifest Season 4 has begun, and it started this month on 18th November. Ahead of the official announcement of filming, fans were able to get glimpses of Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas on the screen together again.

The filming of the show could go through certain breaks in December due to holidays and is expected that it will then resume in early 2022. As Netflix has already confirmed that this will be the final season, we expect that the production will take place until March 2022.

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Manifest Season 4: Is There A Release Date?

As of now, an official release date for the fourth season of Manifest has not yet been revealed by Netflix. Though, we can make an assumption for the same. Fans of the show can look forward to a late Summer 2022 release date for the final season. It is also being rumored that the final season will be divided into two parts of 10 episodes each. The second part of Season 4 will then premiere in early 2023, marking the end of the epic show on Netflix.


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