Netflix: what’s coming in November 2021! 

If you are hungry for entertainment just say Hi to November! it unfolds a wide range of entertaining episodes all together wrapped under a single platform called Netflix. Netflix left no stone unturned to satisfy their users need by touching every genre of pleasurable show.   

Check out Netflix upcoming show for November below 

  1. The King’s Affection: It is a South Korean Television series, falling under the genre of Tragedy, where the crown prince was killed and his twin sister sit on the throne being assumed as the king. She decided to keep her identity hidden. 
  2. A River Runs Through It: It is a story of two sons of a minister who holds opposite characteristics whiten them. One is reserved and the other is rebellion. Both grew up together in the same town. 
  3. Love Hard: Love Hard is a romantic series unfolding the love of the new generation. A girl falls in love with a person over a digital platform (Dating App) and plans a lot to surprise her lover. 
  4. Lord of Scam: It is an interesting tragic documentary. It deals with the fall and rise of a scammer over the episodes.
  5. Your Life is a Joke:  It is a comedy show based on a story of a comedian who meets several celebrities during some phase of his life and roasts them later on a stand-up platform.
  6. Zero to Hero: It is a film chronicle based on a true story. A Paralympian crosses all hurdles in his way and come out as a record-breaking shining star. 
  7. A Boy called Christmas: It is the story of a young boy who encountered his destiny in a magical land on the quest to find his father. 
  8. Animals: It is a US Tv show which focuses on magnificent creatures, capturing their unseen moments. 
  9. Reflection of you: it is a story of a painter whose life turns into a battle when a young woman, known by him reform herself as a shell of her former self.
  10. 60 Days In: It is a historical reality show mainly exposing the reality of the life of jail for 60 days.
  11. Moneyball: it is an American biographical film, where a frustrated player feels that his team cannot afford big-money players and make a strategy to overcome it.
  12. Narcos season 3: the final season for the series focuses on the development of illegal trade drugs in Mexico.
  13. Dhamaka: starring a Bollywood star Kartik Aryan, where is plays a role as a news anchor. the film unfolds the field of journalism in India.
  14. Red notice: falls under the genre of crime series. it tells about the world of international crime.
  15. A Claus family: show the beauty of Christmas where the old member of the family used to become Santa clause every year falls ill and the protagonist left as the only hope for the family for Christmas.   
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