Netflix: top 5 shows

Netflix: top 5 shows presented by Netflix this week.

Netflix has become one of the popular applications attracting users with its impressive collections of shows. The app gained a massive fan following, thus satisfying the need of its viewers. It always comes up with its best service to serve its followers. Last week was an exciting week for the platform. Netflix has sparkled the entertainment facility by providing all selective and worth watching shows for the users in the past week; it never lags to reach the level of satisfaction desired by the users. 

Listed below are a few top Netflix show which got streamed recently in the past seven days. 

  1. Catching Killers season 1: Catching Killers is a famous tragic show streaming from November 1, 2021. The show gained many hearts soon after it released its Trailor. The story is related to crime scene broadcasting officers, prosecutors, and the killer. It carries a lot of exciting facts and fictional dialogue, amusing its viewers. In the show, the investigators are behind a well-known serial killer, making an effort to put him behind bars. The show holds an of violence and death in it. 
  2.  Narcos: Mexico Season 3: Season 3 is the final concluding phase of Narcos’s crime drama, which already attracted a huge population in its first two seasons. Season three is the most awaited season of the series as the fans are impatient to know the show’s conclusion. 
  3. Bigmouth: the big mouth is another exciting show casting itself this November. It is an animated show many focuses on an adult group of people as it talks about the story of teenagers making their path in life as they grow adults. The show will create empathetic emotions amongst the teenagers of our society as it cast the primary problem the teenagers suffer from when they reach puberty. 
  4. Gloria season 1: Gloria a thriller drama appearing on Netflix this November. The show holds an element of mystery, creating suspense with every phase of it. The show’s setting is about the 1960s, when the cold war was at its peak in the village of Gloria do Ribatejo. The protagonist is shown taking a risky mission to change the upcoming chapters of history. 
  5. The Unlikely Murderer: It is also one from the crime drama genre developed in miniseries. The show’s story revolves around a graphic designer, Stig Engstrom, who was considered a murderer of Sweden’s Prime Minister. 
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