Netflix Love Hard Ending Explained!

Netflix Love Hard Ending Explained!

The holiday season is right around the corner and Netflix presents to us a cozy,warm and extremely mushy new movie – Love Hard, an American romantic comedy, which has officially got everyone drenched in the festive spirit.And the audience is pleased to see Nina Dobrev on the screens making a comeback!

Netflix Love Hard Ending Explained!
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The movie plot

The movie follows the story of a young girl Natalie, who is a journalist from LA. She is extremely unlucky in her love life, joins a dating app and falls head over heels in love with a guy from the East Coast. She decides to surprise him for the holidays, she flies 3000 miles to meet him for Christmas, only to discover that she’s been catfished when she gets there. It stars Nins Dobrev as as Natalie, Jimmy O Yang as the guy who catfished her, and Darren Barnet as TagTag, who she thinks she has matched with.

The ending

While the overall movie is very conveniently predictable, and yet very sweet, the movie has an unusual twist, which well, most of us didn’t see coming?

When Natalie tries to woo Tag by not being ‘herself ‘ and pretending to be someone else, and lying to herself about her feelings about him, she realises that this is exactly the sort of thing her catfisher, Josh, did to her.
Broken, she comes out clean before everyone, writes a heartfelt note to Josh, and makes her leave. But as fate has it, she misses her flight.
She meets her boss, who makes her finally realise it is Josh she has feelings for after all.

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She finally realises her true feelings for Josh and turns up at his house and proposes to him,with placards and grandeur
The two embrace and they live happily ever after as the film closes.

The moral message of this movie is:

Be truthful with and in all your imperfections, in this way, your heart can learn to fall in love with the heart, and not just superficial appearance. Love is more about a heart to heart connection and a loving bond between two people.

Will there be another Love Hard movie?

Don’t you just wonder what will happen to Tag as Natalie and Josh get together? Well,we think a sequel to the movie would very well clear that up for us! Although Netflix hasn’t made any official announcement along the lines of a sequel as yet, let’s keep our fingers crossed.


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