Netflix: Locke & Key Could Have A Crossover With Sandman

A crossover featuring two highly acclaimed comic books, IDW Publishing’s Locke & Key and DC’s “The Sandman,” took place this past year, in which Mary Locke traveled to Hell to locate the soul of her long-lost brother. Even though both comic book ideas are being turned into Netflix live-action dramas, Locke & Key creators Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez remain wary of a possible television crossover.

Netflix: Locke & Key Could Have A Crossover With Sandman

Following the recently concluded comic book miniseries, Locke & Key/The Sandman Universe: Hell & Gone, the possibility of a crossover between the two shows was discussed exclusively with Comic Book Resources (CBR). The two showrunners are receptive to the idea, but Hill and Rodriguez believe that the shows should continue presenting their individual stories rather than collaborating on one plot.

While it is hard to rule out the possibility, Hill said in an interview with CBR that he would want to see more stories using Neil Gaiman’s Sandman character in the future. As a result, I have a propensity to say no since that is what everyone else wants.” In the comics, the two of them had a tender moment which they were able to embrace.

Rodriguez comments on this

Rodriguez agreed with Hill’s assessment that it took “six Locke & Key volumes and ten years to develop a universe and premise for a great enough tale” for the Sandman crossover, noting that creative television teams are more concerned with crafting the best possible individual episodes than with crafting a cohesive story line. As a consequence of his positive experience working with Rodriguez on Hell & Gone, Hill is open to the possibility of collaborating with him on a second comic book crossover project.

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According to Hill, it is always possible that a future Locke & Key story in the comics will explore some of the more remote parts of the Sandman Universe. He also stated that he would like to do another one “if only to explain why the two universes overlapped in the 1920s, but not when we get to Kinsey, Tyler, and Bode because those characters do not exist in a universe with Batman and Superman,” as an alternative to doing another story about why the two universes overlapped.

According to Hill, it is clear that Roderick Burgess lives in the same universe as Superman and Batman. If the two universes separate for any reason, we should retell the tale with another Mary Locke story to round up the chapter.


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