Netflix Good Girls Season 5 Revived Or Cancelled?

Good Girls Season 5

Good Girls Season 4 aired in July 2021, this year, on NBC. Since the fourth season’s release, fans were quite anticipated about the fifth season, but this anticipation could last for enough time because the show was officially canceled. 

Initially, there were plans for a short fifth season to conclude the story of three struggling suburban mothers who get tangled into a heist by mistake. But why the show was canceled? Will Netflix ever renew the show? Here’s what we know about the fifth season. 

Good Girls: Why Was The Show Cancelled At Netflix? 

According to various reports, the decision regarding the cancellation of the show came from the studios that produce the show, namely NBC network and Universal Studios. The producers were first ready for a fifth season to get a much-wanted conclusion to the Good Girl’s story. But the cancellation came because of funding issues. 

Moreover, another reason behind the cancellation was the show’s constantly falling ratings and viewership. Despite not being a fan-favorite or one of the network’s best shows, Good Girls maintained a static viewership until Season 3. The fourth season had an average of 1.5 million total viewers, putting it in the bottommost place in the 14 dramas that premiered on NBC this year. 

As per the reports from TVLine, the makers of the show planned an eight-episode final season. But in the end, everything came down to creative differences between the makers and producers and money. 

Could Netflix Have Saved The Show? 

As you already know, the makers had the plan for a fifth season. If Netflix wanted, it is a case that they could have revived Good Girls for a final season on their own. According to Deadline, only Netflüx had the power to keep the show running after NBC pulled it down. 

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Fans Wanted To Save Good Girls

Despite its cancellation, the fans of the Netflix show have been looking forward to a way to save the show. Several petitions have been active for over months now, with the hashtag #SaveGoodGirls.

Bus as of now, the return of Good Girls seems pretty unreal.


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