Nazarena Vélez revealed the real reason why she separated from Hernán Caire: “She filmed me without consent”

Nowadays, Nazarene Velez She is focused on her family, happy for the arrival of her first grandchild and, in turn, away from all the media conflicts that she was able to star in during her career. Who sees her now, could not imagine the countless controversies and scandals that she was part of, but would not notice the series of painful events that she must have experienced over the years. One of them was her relationship with Hernán Caire, with whom she had a girlfriend in the 1990s, but that he was only able to share the abuse he received from him many years later. Now, with a context to back it up, He added details about that stormy stage of his life.Nazarena Vélez revealed the real reason why she separated from Hernán Caire It was the end of the 20th century and Nazarena Vélez was taking her first steps in the world of entertainment when, by chance, she was hired to work at full saturday (America) together with Hernán Caire. Cris Morena’s heartthrob was the host of the dance-style program and, in the eyes of the public, they were as funny as they were charming. For the then co-host, her charm was irresistible, and they began a passionate relationship. However, the fairy tale quickly turned into a nightmare and Nazarena had to face the true personality of Caire. As he recounted much later, he was controlling, jealous and extremely violent. His first fight was in a parking lot, when he made a scandal for wearing pants that, to his liking, were too tight. From that point on, the issue only got worse.Nazarena Vélez and Hernán Caire were together at the end of the 1990sarchive Threats not only to her but to her daughter -Vélez was the mother of Barby, who was four years old at the time, as a result of her relationship with Alejandro Pucheta-, physical assault and even sexual abuse they became a constant within their courtship. However, the cameras showed a parallel reality: two young and attractive figures from the show who fully enjoyed youthful love. Once she managed to separate, the theatrical producer was able to talk about what she had experienced and, despite the fact that she shared her testimony as a woman mistreated on multiple occasions, was slow to say the name of the perpetrator. After the truth came to light and Caire tried to deny it, she Nazarena lashed out even stronger. Sitting in Intruders (America), she recounted: “He put a ‘chumbo’ on my head and forced me to have sex. In that time, I made three complaints. But those guys constantly threaten you and you’re also embarrassed. I had Barbara who was 4 years old and she always threatened me with the baby. He broke my arm. Then he took me to the Virgin of Luján and swore he would never hit me again.”.Nazarena Vélez spoke at LAM about her stormy relationship with Hernán CaireNazarena Vélez spoke in LAM about her stormy relationship with Hernán Cairevideo capture Now, while discussing the unexpected separation of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi in LAM (America), she referred to the subject again and recounted one of the worst moments of those years. “Caire had screwed me with everyone, people in the middle. For example, we drove together in the middle of a Saturday and he was with all the dancers, “he explained. And, when asked how he found out, he said:” One day I saw videos. He had the problem in his head of filming you without your consent. Behind the TV I had a little camera and I had never realized. One day I found them going through the apartment and found all of them. I didn’t care about the twenty others, I cared about seeing myself. It was like rape.”. Furious, she broke everything she had within her reach and destroyed all the footage. After that, they parted ways with her and she made a complaint that, days later, she withdrew in the middle of a reconciliation. However, this new stage lasted only a few weeks and, finally, they separated definitively. They never saw each other again.

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