National Treasure 3 Renewed: Expected Storyline & Latest Updates

If you are a fan of treasure hunt adventure movies, then you must have seen the great movie of this genre, The National treasure. The first movie in the franchise was released back in the year 2004 and he has gotten a part 2 as well.

But, our hunger for a treasure hunt is not over yet and the fans have been waiting for a part 3 for the last 14 years. In this article, we will be discussing whether there will be a third party or not?

What’s National Treasure all about?

National Treasure is an American historical fiction adventure franchise that includes two movies and a prequel book series. The first movie was released in 2004 and was made with Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Pictures.

The fans have received two movies following the same storyline and they are eagerly waiting for the next part since 2007.

The makers and actors have been teasing for the third part for a very long time and looking at their statements and reports, it looks quite evident that a third part is surely in the making.

Is there any third part of the National Treasure?

It has been 14 years since we have got any visual entertainment under the franchise. The first movie got mixed reviews, but as time passed, it became a big hit and was declared 76% fresh on rotten tomatoes. The movie was successful enough to get a second part, which was a major hit, too.

Since the release of the second movie, the makers are claiming that the project is in progress. 

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In 2018, Jon Turteltaub, director of the first two movies, said in an interview, that the script was done but the studio didn’t like it much. But, the studio told the writers to go on with the story. Since then, the fans are much excited about the third part and according to reports, we will surely get one.

The expected plot of National Treasure 3

The first two parts were based on a basic but adventurous American treasure hunt. The first movie had Ben Gates, in the center going on a quest of finding treasure for his adult life. He is accompanied by best friend Riley, love interest Abigail and father Patrick. 

While the second movie showed Ben Gates looking for clues to prove his ancestor, Thomas Gates innocent. The latter was accused to be a part of President Lincoln’s assassination.

The fans are expecting the same level of adventure and mysteries from the next part as well.

There are several plots on which the third movie may survive on. The mystery of page 47 in the President’s book is not known. The story may date back to the room of treasure at the climax of the first movie. Chances are even so that the makers will cast new actors and follow the primary storyline again.

It all depends upon the script and we are not sure what story will be carried out.

The cast of the National Treasure 3

According to the reports, the movie is still in the production phase, hence we can’t be sure of the cast and its makers. We don’t know whether Jon Turteltaub will return or the main cast including Nicolas Cage, Justin Barta, or Jon Voight will sign on or not.

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This is all that can be announced officially about the third party. If the making goes frequently, for the time being, then, we may expect the third part by 2023.