‘Narcos Mexico: Season 3’ Official Premiere Date Is Here! What Will Happen Next?

Narcos Mexico: Season 3

Netflix brings you the third season of the drama series “Narcos: Mexico” today. It is the story of the Mexican drug cartels in the 90s.

“Narcos: Mexico” Season 3: When Will It Release On Netflix?

Scoot McNairy, Jose Maria Yazpik, Alfonso Dosal, Mayra Hermosillo, and many more will be seen in leading roles.

Diego Luna will no longer play the role of the protagonist Felix Gallardo, who ended up in prison at the end of season 2. The third season will release on November 5, 2021. 

Narcos Mexico: Season 3
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Netflix is expanding its program again with a few titles in November 2021. So today, you can get ready for the release of the 3rd and final season of “Narcos: Mexico”, in which the narcotics war between the Sinaloa and Tijuana cartels reaches its climax. After Felix Gallardo (“Beale Street” actor Diego Luna) was arrested, the balance of power within the groups had to be restructured.

Narcos Season 3: What Happens Next?

Felix’s arrest leads to the fact that the members of the cartels brutally murder each other and fight over who will now take over the leadership of the respective cartel. So it happened that the dealer Amado Carillo Fuentes (“Narcos” actor Jose Maria Yazpik) rose in the scene, whose business was incredibly successful in the 1990s.

The new season will also be about the fate of the most famous Mexican narcotics lord, “El Chapo” (“Fear the Walking Dead” actor Alejandro Edda). He also creates many enemies within the Sinaloa cartel. Due to his particular brutality, however, he goes exceptionally far. How the other Sinaloa supporters deal with it is covered in season 3.

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In November, Netflix brings us many new film and series highlights.

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