My girlfriend is an alien S2 – the love story of human and alien would continue? Or not?

My girlfriend is an alien S2

My girlfriend is an alien is Chinese series written by Dong Chen Jing. Season 1 was highly appreciated by the audience. It is a Drama, Romance, fantasy series. In the story there are two person named Feng Leng and Chai Caoqui. Feng Leng is the owner of the future group of companies and Chai Caoqui is an alien from another planet in Cape Town.

Season 2 has 24 episodes. The story is revolving around and shows, how the complicated love story of Feng Leng and Chai caoqui has taken place. It is basically the story of an alien girl stranded on earth and the overpressure taking boss who never shows that he is in love, always erases the sparks of love. But that happens in the story. There tagline is also relatable somewhere i.e “Love doesn’t care what planet you’re from.”

The old or season 1 was released on 19th of August 2019. Season 1 had 28 episode of about 40-45 minutes running time. It can be watched on the WE TV chanel on the cable TV and online telecast is on MX Player.

Expected Upcoming Series

Well, talking about the release date of My girlfriend is an alien, according to the sources the airing date was expected in the Ending of August and starting of September but there is no sign of releasing the series yet. Although, it has been seen on the Instagram accounts of Thassapak Hsu-Wan Peng that the shooting of the series is started and going smooth and fast. So according to sources and IG accounts of celebrities, it is assumed that series might have come in the First week of February 2022.

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The faces of ‘my girlfriend is an alien’

The lead role is the same Thassapak Hsu as Feng Leng and Wang Peng as Chai Caoqui. Wang You Jun as Fang lie, Xang The as Jiang Xue, Ashin as Dr. Zhang, Wang Haozhen as Han Jinming, Christopher Lee as Father Fang, and Zhang Meng as Sister. It is also expected that new faces might have chances to be seen in the upcoming season of ‘My girlfriend is an alien.’


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