Muv-Luv alternative episode 6

Muv-Luv alternative episode 6: Everything you should know!

During Takeru’s vacation to a fantasy realm, he finds that the human foe BETA is on the verge of destroying the real world. Assuming he has not forgotten what happened the first time they met, he is putting in long hours of training in order to be able to visit her once again in person.

It is revealed that BETA and humans are locked in a never-ending struggle for existence. In the most recent episode of Muv-Luv-Alternative, Takeru discovers that the land where they live is infested with BETA bacteria. After breakfast, he had a meeting with the girls, during which they discussed Tama’s father.

Muv-Luv alternative episode 6

Muv-Luv alternative episode 6 Updates

Tawa sent a few letters to her father in order to make him happy, and he recognized that she was doing her hardest. Takeru reassures her as she sobs in front of everyone in the room. After learning that Tama has informed her father that she is a flight commander, Takeru realizes that her father is not pleased with this development.

Tama’s father dislikes it since he is overprotective of his daughter. For the sole purpose of making Tama’s father pleased. Takeru revealed to her that he had devised a plan in which Tama would serve as the operation commander. Madoka had one of her superiors with her as she was on her way to brief him about Takeru’s 207th Surface Pilot Cadet Flight.

After all, the gentleman cautioned them, “the fate of mankind would be in their hands.” As a result, they must do all in their ability to defend humanity against the adversary. In order to accommodate him, Madoka decided that Tama would act as his tour guide. Following some introspection into why Tama is reluctant to touch her father. The young lady finds that it is he who is shy.

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It occurred to Takeru that Tama’s father could have been displeased when the two of them hugged. He has certain reservations about Tama’s letter, which he expresses to Tama. Tama takes her father on a tour of the headquarters. During which she tells him all he needs to know about the organization.

Muv-Luv alternative episode 6 when to release?

Muv-Luv alternative episode 6 will be released on November 11, 2021, according to the official release date. It is the ladies that pick up Takeru and transport him to a separate room. Because Takeru is the sole male employee at the headquarters. They recognizes that it would be unjust for Tama to date him. When Takeru began rigorous training with the girls and pointed out areas where they were deficient. Tama’s father left the scene.

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