Move by motorcycle along the coast and in the sea!

The holidays are just around the corner and even many Spaniards have begun to enjoy their well-deserved getaway. Despite the bad omens, this summer it’s time to enjoy the moment and leave behind two years of pandemic and restrictions. The coast welcomes tourists with open arms, the hotel industry seems to catch its breath and the beaches are filled to the brim. Everything continues as before, also the traffic and the exit operations. If you want move by road, without caravans, in an agile and fast wayyou can always choose the motorcycle and scooters. Not only that, motorcycles are also the allies to enjoy a day of it more fun and exciting on the water. Indeed, inside her! The scooter is the king of the Spanish market, the most successful and best-selling segment. It is due to its ease of purchase and use, since you can get one of them after passing the three years old with circulation permit B. In addition, their agility and compact size allow you to park them wherever you want, as long as you comply with the municipal ordinances of each city. One more detail why metropolises like Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Malaga are full of this type of motorcycle.

The mopeds are back, on the beach

These 125 cc scooters have definitively superseded the classic moped, but they are also more expensive and less accessible to maintain. For this reason, the 50cc models continue to be a very interesting option for summer areas. can be driving from the age of 15 after obtaining the AM license and grant an enviable freedom of movement for any car. Among the most recommended we find the Aprilia SXR 50, with a sporty and aesthetic character, ideal for young people who want to show their tastes in the town of their second home. Furthermore, with his GT concept looks bigger of what it is but it barely has 3.2 CV of power and wheels with 12-inch tires, a key aspect for agility in traffic. Its starting price is around 2,270 euros. Its direct rival is Yamaha Aerox, a mythical in the segment that seeks to survive over time with the doses of hooliganism and sportsmanship typical of the 2000s. Its price is around 3,000 euros, so an Asian alternative may be more coherent. Lto SYM Symphony 50 four-stroke has a simple design but moderate price, starts at 2,199 euros. A completely different concept is that of BetaRR50, which reminds us of the past in the mountain houses of our grandparents. With it you can fulfill your passions more will harden while you enjoy the holidays near the sea. Of course, it is not a cheap whim, it starts at 3,195 euros. If yours is urban taste, you will opt for other options such as peugeot speedfightwith 4.6 CV of power and 2,990 euros of base price, or the Piaggio Liberty 50 that girls who start in two-wheel mobility fall in love with so much. This Italian moped with 3 HP of power and a good cycle section (brakes, suspension and electronics) costs 2,349 euros.

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Ducks to water!

Speaking of niche motorcycles, the jet skis couldn’t be more exclusive. This segment, unknown to the vast majority, is also one of the most desired by adventurers with desire for adrenaline and passion for limits. In this sense, jet skis are a very small segment in which we find the usual signatures of the two wheels as Kawasaki or Yamaha as the best known. They also have their own firms, among which highlights Sea-Doo in Spain with a wide variety of models. If what you want is get started in the world of jet skis, Yamaha has one of the most extensive and varied ranges on the market. As a first option there is superjet, with a compact body but a competitive spirit that allows you to enjoy its performance without being an expert at the controls. Its four-stroke block and the lightness of its hull, together with the wide section and the electronic L mode to limit power, will undoubtedly make your learning curve an ascending line. For the most expert, Yamaha makes its GP1800R SVHO, leader in the middle segment which stands out for its lightweight NanoXcel case, its technological equipment and the RiDE control system. Its price starts at 22,680 euros. prices of Sea-Doo start from 8,041 euros for the Spark model, the access. This jet ski mounts a Rotax 900 ACE block with 60 HP of power recognized for its efficiency, with a consumption of 7.3 liters per hour. The Spark Trixx, with three passengers, bets on that same block with power of 90 CV and consumption close to 9 liters. As happens with cars or motorcycles with wheels, this firm offers a portfolio with all kinds of models, some indicated for ride (or GT) with prices up to 26,783 euros and others more sporty, such as GTI SE of 16,383 euros.


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