Money Heist Season 5 Part 2: The Greatest Heist Ends! Trailer Is Here

Money Heist Season 5 Part 2

The grand finale of “Money Heist” will finally be released on December 3, 2021. Now Netflix is ​​releasing a trailer that many fans are likely to make rather sad. If you are afraid of spoilers, you shouldn’t read any further.

After the shocking death of Tokyo, everything is different for the bank robbers. There is not much hope that they will get out of their biggest robbery. The military is advancing, and the situation is becoming more desperate.

The background music also suggests evil. “The Funeral”, by Band of Horses, suggests that in the last five episodes of the Netflix hit, we still have to mourn one or the other dead.

You have to be patient for another month until you find out how the story of the professor and his gang come to an end. 

The Greatest Heist Ends With These Characters Dead So Far

“Bella Ciao” is sung again. There have already been several robberies in the popular series “Money Heist” that not everyone survived. Season 5 is the finale of the Netflix series, which has a few surprises in store. The characters dead in the show so far are:

  • Tokyo: Season 5 Part 1

Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) acts as the narrator and thus contributes her melancholy perspective to the story. She is a robber on the run who lost her fiancé in her last attack. The professor is impressed with her skills, which is why he hires her for the robbery. The impulsive Tokyo tests its limits again and again.

In season 5, she is called into a new heist by the professor. This goes wrong, which is why Tokyo sacrifices itself so that Denver and Manila can escape. The army approaches, and Tokyo detonates the grenades attached to it.

  • Nairobi: Season 4

Nairobi (Alba Flores) has grown dear to her fans because of her sober, level-headed manner. She is also a specialist in counterfeiting banknotes. Like all characters, she also hides a secret from her past: Nairobi has a son who has been taken away from her by the youth welfare office.

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Nairobi barely escapes death in the season three finale, so she is nursed to health in season four. However, she is later captured by Gandía. In an attack, he uses her as a protective shield before killing her with a headshot.

  • Gandia: Season 5 Part 1

In the season 4 finale, Gandía tries to break free from the crew. Bogota (Hovik Keuchkerian) finally hits Gandía’s head on the railing, causing him to pass out. All around him, the team shouts, “For Nairobi,” and vows to take revenge. He survived this act, but he died in season 5 through Tokyo, which drew him to death.

  • Oslo: Season 1

At the end of Season 1, Oslo is hit on the head with a crowbar by the hostages at the Bank of Spain. Officially he’s brain dead. To free him from his suffering, Oslo is killed in the act of mercy by his good friend Helsinki.

  • Moscow: Season 2

For Moscow (Paco Tous), crime is a family business. He and his son Denver (Jaime Lorente) commit robberies. However, after he has just served his sentence for robbery in season 1, he relapses to help his son out of his debts. He was shot dead by the police in season two.

  • Berlin: Season 2

Berlin (Pedro Alonso) was the professor’s brother. He took over the deputy head of the robbery on the Bank of Spain. With its meticulousness and elegance, Berlin forms the opposite pole to its more introverted brother.

He hides his rare degenerative disease from the rest of the crew, so he only has seven months to live. Therefore, he sacrifices himself in season 2 to buy more time for his team. He was shot dead by the police.


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