Money Heist Season 5 Final Part: Release Date Revealed Along with a Clip

Money Heist, with its Bella Ciao becoming a revolution theme not only in Spain but around the world, needs no introduction. The red jumpsuit robbers in Dali Mask have won the hearts of many. But it is shattering to know that this action-drama series is coming to an end.

The gang has been imprisoned at the Bank of Spain for almost 100 hours in the fifth part of the drama, which debuted its first five episodes earlier this month. They were able to save Lisbon, but now they are facing their darkest hour after losing one of their own.

If you are too curious to wait for what might happen in the upcoming part, we’ve got you covered. We’ll reveal everything about the Money Heist Season 5 part 2, including release date and teaser, cast, plot, and everything relevant.

Release Date of Money Heist Part 2

We waited a long time for the Season 5 of the series but were left heartbroken when only five episodes were aired. But at the end of the last episode, Netflix revealed that the final part will release on 3rd December 2021.

What about the Teaser Trailer for Season 5: Part 2?

After the death of everyone’s favorite Tokyo, fans are already in tears. So they are very curious to know how the gang will keep themselves together after this grievous loss.

During Netflix Global Fan Fest, TUDUM, Alvaro Morte appeared to reveal the first look at the final five episodes of the famous heist drama. Netflix released an exclusive clip where we can see the heist members worrying about their escape from the Bank since the Professor has “disappeared.” 

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The Cast of the Final Part: Who’s in it?

For the cast, we’ll see almost all the characters from the 1st part of season 5 of Money Heist, except you-know-who. 

In addition to the characters, we have some new faces from part 1. Tokyo’s former love interest René, played by Miguel Ángel Silvestre. Berlin’s secret son (Patrick Criado), who was seen only in flashbacks till now. There is a possibility that he might make an entry in part second’s main storyline. 

Furthermore, there is a high probability of seeing more of Úrsula Corberó in the later part through flashback cameos.

What is the Expected Plotline for Season 5 Part 2?

Things started to fall apart when the brain of the heist, the Professor, was discovered by Alicia. Where on the one hand, he was finding it difficult to flip the coin around, on the other hand, the military entered the bank. The next part is expected to start where the series has left off. It’ll show how everyone is devastated by their beloved Tokyo’s death but cannot give up yet in order to survive the military strike.

It is in doubt whether Alicia will turn out to be a friend of the Professor or a foe. Whether she will hand him over to the police to clear her charges for the sake of her newborn. Viewers are also curious about the death of the widely hated

character, Arturo Román. But the one suspense that everyone is waiting eagerly to be disclosed is the big escape plan.

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As we can see from the teaser that the group must find another way to escape the heist. We can hear them saying that “the Professor has disappeared” and they are on their own. All we know is that they will use the melted gold somehow. The teaser has left all of us in suspense that whether they’ll follow the original plan? Will the Professor find another way? or will they be able to escape at all? The answer to these suspicions shall finally be unveiled in the upcoming episodes.

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