Money Heist: Berlin Spin-Off Announced! We Have The Release Date

Money Heist: Berlin Spin-Off

The story of “Money Heist” was supposed to end with Season 5. But now, Netflix has revealed that a new series will continue. The fifth season of Money Heist will mark the end of one of Netflix’s most popular shows of all time with Volume 2. Just when fans thought the saga of Money Heist had ended, Netflix has just revealed details regarding the future of the show and its characters. 

No Series End After Season 5: “Money Heist” Gets A Spin-Off

At the moment, everyone is waiting for volume 2 of “Money Heist” Season 5, the grand finale in which we have to say goodbye to our beloved bank robbers forever. At least that’s what we thought so far.

Netflix announced that the “Money Heist” is not quite over. In 2023 the series will get its spin-off. “Not because of Bella Ciao. Andres de Fonollosa, aka Berlin (Pedro Alonso), is getting its spin-off. From 2023 on Netflix,” says the streaming service’s Instagram page. Berlin has been one of the series’ most popular characters since season 1. Despite his early serial death, he was repeatedly seen in retrospect, and it quickly became apparent, the professor’s brother has an exciting life story.

“Money Heist” Spin-Off: New Series Planned From And About Berlin

So there will be a new “Money Heist” series. In the comments, fans are pleased about this news from Netflix, even if 2023 is a long way off. “For some, theft is just a job. It’s about freedom, about rebellion. It’s a work of art. It’s a family tradition,” says the first teaser on the “Money Heist” spin-off with Berlin.

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Even if not all of the series stars will undoubtedly be there, we can hope that the professor (Alvaro Morte) will also be there. Maybe even a few other old friends with whom the duo has worked for a long time? Perhaps we will finally find out more about his relationship with Tatiana. It will be exciting to see what exactly awaits us in the “Money Heist” spin-off with Berlin. Now we will only be able to see the grand finale “Money Heist” from December 3rd, and we can rest assured that it will not be the last bank robbery action that we will see. 


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