Modular Airports are the next addition to Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

I think I've run out of criticism of the problems that perpetuate Cities: Skylines – from lack of challenge to performance. However, I can't be thrilled to see airport-focused DLC like "Airports," slated to release January 25 on PC and consoles for $19.99.

Airports tend to be largely ignored in city building/management games even though they are also part of the city's infrastructure. Apparently “Airports” wants to change that with the inclusion of a modular system for the construction of airports, new mechanics that include types of transport, a specific panel for each airport and cargo terminals.

The DLC is in line with other Colossal Order efforts like Cities: Skylines – Sunset Harbor and Industries. Not all of them turned out so well and ended up bringing an unnecessary micromanagement layer to the game — my favorite is still Campus . My expectation is that “Airports” will at least make me rethink my city's transport network and have more challenges with cargo transport. Also, let's face it, I'm a huge fan of planes.

Now please Colossal Order, let's start working on at least an update to a new version of Unity (and I know this is complicated) or a Cities: Skylines 2 with better population tools and a competent challenge system.

See the announcement trailer, the first images and a mini “tutorial” on how modular airports work below:

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