Mieruko Chan Episode 8 Latest Update! Release Date, Cast, Plot & Speculations!

Mieruko Chan Episode 8

Mieruko Chan Episode 8 Latest Update: “The Girl Who Sees Them” (Mieruko-chan) is the brainchild of Tomoki Izumi, a talented manga artist from Japan. The manga has been serialized from November 2018 on Kadokawa’s ComicWalker website. The manga’s North American rights are owned by Yen Press. Passione will begin airing a manga-based animated television series in October 2021.

Episode 7 of Mieruko Chan Summary

There are ghosts in Miko and her friends’ country. After finding out has the ability to see ghosts, Miko is furious. Yulia and Miko are the only pupils who can see ghosts, and Yulia wants to make friends with Miko. A pastry store is visited by Miko and Hanna in order to purchase treats. Miko asks Hanna where they are going next when they return from their lengthy walk across the desert.

It is a no-brainer: They go to the strawberry shop. Hanna is persuaded to go someplace by Miko’s observation of a powerful road. Hanna follows them to a different shop. Females look around as though they have seen something the huge wind is baffled by However, Miko was awakened from her slumber by a strong gust of wind in the morning. Miko is shocked to discover that the monster she saw more horrific encountered. After waking up in her own bed, Hanna discovers for the second time in the morning.

If she is intoxicated, he wonders. Hanna takes a picture of her breakfast and sends it to Miko through e-mail. Since she just bought a new light bulb last night, Hanna wonders why as she heads out for the day. He walks out into the darkness and is greeted by his beloved. Poochie’s disappearance baffles Hanna, who has never shouted at her before. But Hanna could not make out any ghosts following Poochie, and Poochie was attempting to warn her.

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Episode 8 release date

November 21, is the release date for the eighth episode of Mieruko Chan. Alternatively, you may check out site so you can quickly return, and read an updated post if the release date changes. Mieruko Chan’s eighth episode will broadcast at 3:00 p.m. JST on March 8. Every Sunday, every week.


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