Mica Viciconte revealed the unusual decision she made regarding the choice of Luca’s godparents

the media Mica Viciconte and the footballer Fabian Cubero They live the first, happy and intense months, since they brought little Luca into the world. After giving birth, the former MasterChef resumed her work as an influencer on social networks and on television, where she works as a panelist on Ariel en la Salsa de ella (Telefe). In that space, she takes advantage of disclosing intimacies about her motherhood. This Thursday he talked about the baptism they are organizing and revealed a particular decision they made as a couple. In one of Ariel Rodríguez’s breaks in front of the kitchen, the panelist said that they took Luca to see his first soccer game at Vélez Sarfield, a club in which Fabián Cubero is an idol. At the Copa Libertadores match, where the locals beat River Plate 1-0, Rocío Marengo, a friend of Viciconte, also attended, who took her nephews to the court. Mica Viciconte revealed the unusual decision she made regarding Luca’s baptism At that time, the journalist Nicolás Peralta mentioned that her friend is pressuring her to be the godmother of the little one. “not going to be the godmother”, he answered bluntly, and explained: “We already have the godfather and godmother from the beginning… I’ll tell you soon”. Even so, she clarified that they were not relatives and they were not famous friends of the stature of Rocío Marengo.Fabián Cubero and Mica Viciconte took Luca to see a Vélez Sarfield match for Copa Libertadores. Photo / Instagram @micaviciconte However, he revealed the unusual decision he made with Fabián Cubero: “What I was talking about was one that we chose and when the child grows up, he chooses his second godfather, it seems to me that he is good and that he is genuine”. The future godmother, as explained by Mica Viciconte, does not expect such news, so the emotion will be double. Finally, the former MasterChef did not confirm the date of her baptism, although she assured that all her program partners will be invited. A month and a half after giving birth, Mica Viciconte went back to work. The panelist of Ariel en su salsa, by Telefe, presented Luca on June 21, the first child she has with Fabián Cubero. Happy for his new motherhood, she did not hesitate to confess: “The first 15 days were chaotic.”With the song “You know” by Vicentico in the background, Mica Viciconte entered the studio with her baby in her arms. “He is asleep, he is still used to noise, there are many of us at home and he is used to the noise”he warned while everyone tried to keep quiet so as not to wake him up. While the mother assured that “dogs love it and suck it all up”, the first gift of the program for Luca arrived: a SpongeBob SquarePants cushion. “At any moment he will want the boob because it is a watch. Every three hours he wakes up and asks for the tit”, said the panelist.

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