Mica Viciconte revealed the request that Fabián Cubero made to his daughters for her pregnancy

Mica Viciconte She is going through her 24th week of pregnancy, which caused some mood swings that have become evident in recent days. In an interview with Agarrate Catalina (La Once Diez), the former Combate confessed that she is “in a stage of hormonal changes” and revealed the request that Fabián Cubero made to his daughters due to pregnancy.I really can’t handle the hormones”, Viciconte told the host of the program, Catalina Dlugi, and remarked: “If before he had a strong character, now he is empowered”. His explosion during one of the latest MasterChef Celebrity broadcasts was a good example of his current affairs. But he also had to talk about it at home.Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero, in love and waiting for their baby Luca (Photo: Instagram) Mica demanded a little more attention from her partner and to be attentive to details. “So many hours of recording don’t make me want to come cook, the truth is that”, Viciconte admitted between laughs and assured that Cubero is enduring his worst facet. “I think he is meeting a demon in life”, he joked. “He takes it well, he is very calm, he is a partner. We had a very deep talk, my ducks flew directly to me, I couldn’t catch them. So I sat down to talk and explained to him that it’s something I can’t handle, that I need a little more attention than usual, and he told me that he didn’t have a problem. He put the car in fifth gear and now he is much more attentive to the details”, explained the participant of kitchen reality. Asked about orders and cravings in full pregnancy, she said: “I need fruit to be in the fridge. Maybe I get up at night and eat a grape, it refreshes me, I always liked fruit but it got stronger with the pregnancy. All in all, it was a good whim.”Mica Viciconte with the daughters of Fabián Cubero (Photo: Instagram)Mica Viciconte with the daughters of Fabián Cubero (Photo: Instagram) In addition, he revealed a talk that Cubero had with his daughters in this very special context. “The one who spoke mainly was Fabi. The four talked without me, who knows what they talked about, I don’t even want to knowMica confessed with a nervous laugh. What did the former soccer player ask his daughters? “Requests like you have to collaborate a little more. I arrive and maybe they don’t help me set the table, it’s nonsense that makes a difference”, specified Mica. “They are very loving, they touch my belly, when it moves they want to touch. I love it because one way or another, they connect. I am happy, happy. We all get along well but hey, my mood sometimes changes a little”, insisted Viciconte and explained that her baby, Luca, will be born in the same hospital where Cubero’s daughters were born.“Beyond the fact that I am from Mar del Plata, I have lived here (in Buenos Aires) for a long time but I do not have a requirement that I want to have it here or in such a place. Fabi wanted to choose that hospital and I thought it was fine, if he wants to choose it and it gives him peace of mind, I respect him and I have no problem”assured.

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