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To reflect who we are and what future we built. We are proud that our company is now Meta, says Co-founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook are back in the race as they change their name to META which focus to virtual reality. To know more read the full article.

Facebook is now called Meta said company on Thursday. The re-branding make company grow broader and higher and it’s focus on building the ‘Metaverse’ a virtual reality environment which could be successful to mobile internet.

Why the name is changed to META?

In the recent press conference Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook brand is too limited and restricted for what he want to meet in future.  He want something which could lead to virtual reality connection.

The new brand will reflects the Facebook brand and its virtual reality products which will be able to meet heights in future. “The word Meta reflects who we are and what we want to create in future” said Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday.

Over a like Multiverse they want to create a “Metaverse” company next big Computing world.

What actually the Metaverse is?

As Zuckerberg announced the arrival of Meta in the video presentation that gives some hint about metaverse. Actually it is a futuristic and a defined concept which could able to open the doors in future.

The word Metaverse was firstly raised by science fictional writer “Neal Stephenson” in one of his novel named “Snow Crash” in year 1992 mostly refers to the immensive virtual reality.

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Where people can play games, attend concerts and meet with their friends and colleagues and also able to buy digital goods and service The demonstration was shown on Thursday in the video presentation by Facebook Inc.

How will it effect Facebook employees?

From past many years Facebook is the largest among the job seekers , so rebranding the company doesn’t make their existing employees feel stripped off in the sense of security and loyalty. As they worried they might be lost in their jobs and can’t be considered as largest job opportunity hub.

“ Must like the customer base we need to make our employees secure free for not fearing about their job insecurities” said Chris Tompkins.

“A big thumbs up is going to be changed into infinity”

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