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Mercadona’s product to effortlessly remove stains and bad odors from carpets

The rugs they are that part of the house that over time loses all its shine due to stubborn stains, dust or hair -especially if there are furry friends in the home-. finish them off germs and dirt it can become impossible, so resorting to homemade tricks -the typical ones of the grandmother- can be the solution to having to pay good money at the dry cleaners. Needless to say, that the smells They are another of the problems of this home accessory, especially if they have long and very thick hair. If you want to know what are the best, easy, cheap and natural techniques to get rid of dirt on carpets and rugs, write down.

Long hair

To remove the dirt from those with longer and curly hair, very typical in children’s rooms, where they pick up more dirt, it is best to use a mixture of white vinegar (50 ml) and water (250 ml). This mixture is perfect as a disinfectant and to kill germs. So using it on this type of rug is perfect and, although it may seem otherwise, does not leave odors, since when the mixture dries, the aroma of the vinegar disappears. The key is not to apply too much product, not to soak, but to spray the mixture on the surface. Although it must first be taken out into the open air and knock to get all the hair and dust out. The mixture is then sprayed and allowed to dry. As new! White vinegar can be found in supermarkets like Mercadona and is very useful for cleaning and disinfecting.

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Bad smell

In the event that the problem is that the piece has taken on a bad smell, it is best to use salt. With about 250 grams, it will be used to sprinkle it over the entire surface of the carpet. This very common product in the kitchen is not only perfect for removing unpleasant aromas, but it is also perfect for eliminating humidity. Thus, the salt is poured and then the carpet is rolled up. It is left to rest for a whole day and then the salt is removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Quick way

This trick is mythical and surely more than one grandmother has used it at home. It consists of preparing a mixture of 100 milliliters of ammonia and a liter of warm water. With the mixture in a sprayer and armed with a brush, we will proceed to open the windows and equip ourselves with gloves and a mask, since the ammonia it’s toxic and can cause respiratory problems. Then it’s as simple as spraying the mixture over the surface and rub with the brush then let it dry in the open air. The carpet will look different with this traditional trick

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